20 August 1996

Dodgers v Superstars

Tuesday, 20 August 1996
Dodgers .v. Superstars
20 over game


Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat

DODGERS: 136 - 7 (Priest 87 no, Harry 28, Taylor 3-27, Benn 0-11)
SUPERSTARS: 138 - 5 (Meyler 44, Gigg 30, Whitrod 23 no, McBarron 1-17, Atkinson 1-17)



Both sides struggled to get a full team and we ended up playing ten a side - wonderful when you're batting, not quite so much fun when you're bowling! A thousand thanks to Sian Brown for playing at such short notice; a thousand curses on fat boy Clarkson for dropping out at the last minute after hurting his back falling down the stairs pissed.

After winning the toss and deciding to bat we got off to a flying start, although the ever unlucky Phil McBarron was out yet again to a very good catch. Priest (87no) and Peter Harry (28) then added 77 for the second wicket before Superstars decided that although Peter Harry had a couple of good wellies (any sheep reading this don’t panic - I mean he was hitting the ball hard) he had had enough chances (Tom Wilson finally realising the only things his side were going to catch were a cold and McBarron and bowling him). The rest of the batting is worth glossing over as our lower order batsmen showed a tremendous ability to miss straight ones and the only real highlights of the last few overs were the innings of Iain Murray (0) and John Adey (Golden 0). John claims to have been "going for it from the first ball" . Hmmmm.......

Even after this England style collapse we managed to give the bowlers a very good 136 to defend. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough. Phil McBarron and Atkinson (as usual) bowled well but it was Peter Harry who broke an opening stand of 80 by bowling Gigg off his pads. As so often happens after a big partnership when one batsman is out the other quickly follows and sure enough Meyler was run out five minutes later from a direct hit from Sian Brown. The batsmen were heard to accuse each other of calling "Come on”. I think it is now safe to confess that the call came from yours truly lurking in the gloom at cover and was meant for Sian!

In the face of some strong batting from Meyler and Gigg our fielding errors began to multiply as it got darker and darker. By the last few overs it was almost impossible to see the ball while fielding and Sian was heard to say that she wanted a miner’s helmet - well, I suppose Peter is Welsh......

We were also at least one bowler light as three truly awful overs by me at the end showed all to clearly. However, any earlier errors were wiped off the slate when I beat the ever dangerous Mike Taylor in the flight and had him caught by Peter Harry at cover......

In the end we lost, but we ran them a lot closer than either we or they expected. Another 15 runs or another bowler and it could all have been so very different. It's a funny game, but it's a bloody good one (honest, it is Phil!).


30 July 1996

Dodgers v DSS Stats

Tuesday, 30th July 1996
Dodgers verses DSS Stats
20 over game


Dodgers won the toss and elected to field
DSS Stats 57-5 (S Bennett 42 - Hilary 3-18)



There is not much point sitting up in bed at 11.30pm writing a report about a match that did not happen, but I will try anyway!!

Basically, we bowled 16 overs and it pissed down with rain almost the whole time, before the sensible opposition batsmen walked off having had enough. Yours truly, who personified a barking mad Englishman, wanted to carry on but no one else was interested. Lynton Sharp and Peter Harry jointly won the wet t-shirt (and trousers) competition, both resplendent in their saturated see-thru whites. I think I have managed to fill enough of the page already, so I might as well write about what little play there was.

We bowled and fielded very well. Man of the shortened match, Henry Hillary, bowled very well (again) picking up three wickets. Eddie Clarkson, relaxed after his long rest in Turkey took two exceptional catches. The second one diving low to his right was outstanding. All bowled well including Phil McBarron who graced us with his presence half way through the overs, having played all afternoon for another team against Superstars (as did Henry). Overall, it was disappointing not to be able to finish a match we probably would have won. I would just like to say thanks to the team for staying so long on the field in appalling conditions.

Finally, this was my last match of the season as captain and I now hand over to Phil McBarron, who has the unenviable task of leading the team against the Department of National Heritage next week. Good luck Phil, you are going to need it!

Finally, finally, next week also sees the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia. I hope you will all be able to go. Phil and myself would like to see as many of you as possible there both Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. Happy drinking!!



21 July 1996

Dodgers v Energy Exiles

Sunday, 21st July 1996
Dodgers verses Energy Exiles
40 over game
Overton Park (Sutton)


Energy Exiles won the toss and batted first
Energy Exiles: 174 all out (Bradshaw 44 - McBarron 3-28, Hillary 3-30, Ferris 3-44)
Dodgers: 129 all out (Priest 45, Adey 18 - Bunton 4-28)



Dodgers poor run continues. On a very hot and sunny day we were beaten by a much better team, even though we fielded three Superstars, Paul Hogg, Tony Whitrod and Gary Bartholomew.

The Exiles batted very well against some good Dodgers bowling led by Phil McBarron and Henry Hillary. Numerous edges flew through the slip area but no one could hang on. Yours truly rounded off a miserable bowling performance (2 overs for 17) by inexcusably dropping a skier. Overall, it was not a very good fielding performance, and made the bowler’s efforts even more creditable.

Like their batting, all the Exiles looked like good bowlers as well. New opening partnership Neil Priest (man of the match again) and captain Adey put on 82 for the first wicket, unfortunately it took 28 overs. Although trying hard I could not seem to get out and stayed 29 overs for 18. Jim eat your heart out ! Wickets fell regularly after that and we fell some way short as the later batsmen had an impossible task. Off spinner Bunton was the main beneficiary taking four wickets.

On a happier note, it was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even though I was too knackered to go to work Monday. Finally, many thanks to Jude for doing the scoring (again) and Cianne for fielding for the opposition.



10 July 1996

Sports Day 1996

Wednesday 10 July 1996
DOETRA Sportsday
Six-A-Side Competition


Quarter Final: v HSE Bootle

HSE Bootle won the toss and elected to field
Dodgers: 59 (Priest 20, McBarron 20)
HSE Bootle: 42 (Adey 1-2, Atkinson 1-6, Ferris 0-6)


Semi Final: v Highway Robbers

Highway Robbers won the toss and elected to bat
Highway Robbers: 44(Adey 1-7, Ferris 0-5)
Dodgers: 40 (McBarron 17)


When we entered the Sportsday Six-A-Side competition for the first time many of us doubted whether we would even be drawn out of the hat to play, let alone actually win a match - but in the end we could have won the whole competition.

What can only be described as piss-poor organisation of the tournament by DOETRA failed to ruin the day for the Dodgers ("The Magnificent Seven...?") and the numerous people who turned up to cheer us on. The format was straightforward: each side to bat for five overs, with each outfielder having to bowl one over.

We could have had a bye into the semi-finals as the HSE Bootle 1st VI failed to make it and the organiser at first refused to let their football team take part instead because they had no kit - a rather odd notion as he had already allowed one team with no kit a bye into the semi-finals! When we insisted that we would rather play anybody than sit around doing nothing all afternoon he relented and thank God we won! A decent batting performance by McBarron and Priest saw us reach 59, the second highest total of the day, but the HSE footballers turned out to be rather better opponents that we had thought and the game was tight until the third over when John Adey took a wicket with his first ball and kept Bootle to only two runs. Some clean hitting in the last over off Phil McBarron was too little too late for Bootle and Dodgers ran out comfortable winners in the end.

On to the semi-final and a clash with the Highway Robbers (Highways Agency in disguise). The Robbers won the toss and surprisingly elected to bat. Although we allowed them to steal a couple of overthrows the fielding and bowling was very tight and we restricted them to a very gettable 44. Mark Ferris bowled exceptionally well and John Adey again took a wicket with his first ball, at the same time ruining any chance of an SEO job in the Highways Agency as it was Lawrie Haynes!

Unfortunately the luck and umpiring decisions were against us (plus they did bowl pretty well...) and it wasn’t to be. Good batting for the second time in the day by Phil McBarron saw us get with one good hit of victory but we couldn't quite manage it - especially disappointing as the Robbers lost the final to Erotica from Bedford by just 3 runs - and we certainly would have been in with a shout.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day for the seven players (Priest, McBarron, Adey, Matthews, Atkinson, Harry and Ferris) who took part in the two games and the evening session was pretty memorable as well (at least I think I remember most of it.....has anyone lost a traffic cone...?). Those of us who played were also pleased to see so many people turn out to support us (from Dodgers, Superstars and OSD Allstars, not to mention a few "civilians") and lift us for that extra bit of effort, especially in the semi-final. Next year we may try and enter more than one team... you have been warned!


09 July 1996

Dodgers v OSD

9 July 1996
20 over game


No toss - OSD batted first by agreement

OSD All Stars 147-5 (Merv 100 retired, Hillary 1-15, Sharp 2-24)
Dodgers 111-4 (Priest 32*, Matthews 20, Doyle 15, Hillary 14*)



Dodgers two match winning run ended when we were beaten by Merv OSD. All the Dodgers bowlers with the exception of man of the match Henry Hillary, were hammered during a brilliant knock by Merv who retired not out upon reaching his century. Unfortunately, the Dodgers fielding wilted somewhat under the pressure with Merv being dropped at least five times (admittedly some were difficult). Stand in girlie Dodger, the vertically challenged Cianne Brown, fielded well, although she was one of the culprits who dropped Merv (off the easiest chance), only managing to touch the ball with her fingertips. The best fielder was Neil Priest who did some excellent work on the mid wicket boundary, injuring his hand trying to catch Merv.

When Dodgers batted both openers, Peter Harry and John Doyle where bowled by OSD girlie, Tina, who deceived them with the straight ball. Having seen off the deadly Tina, Phil McBarron batted skilfully against the lighting fast J Bushell. Phil McPissedhimself, survived four balls before hiding behind the stumps and being bowled. Injured Neil Priest batted out the rest of the innings supported by excellent innings by the brave Kim 'the cat' Matthews and Henry Hilary.


02 July 1996

Dodgers v BOC

Tuesday, 2 July 1996
Dodgers v BOC
20 over game
Regent's Park


Dodgers won the toss (at last!) and elected to field

BOC: 72 all out (P. Brown 41, McBarron 5-15, Adey 2-5, Sharif 1-8)
DODGERS: 73-5 (Doyle 14, Harry 13, Gibson 1-5)



Although the margin of victory was less than last week, the win was no less impressive - and we have now won half our games this year ("veteran" Dodgers players will need to pinch themselves at this point!). It is also the first time Dodgers have won two consecutive games.

Once again we bowled superbly and the hardest job as captain was trying to justify taking anybody off before they had bowled their full allocation of four overs. The pick of the bowling for the second week running was Phil "just imagine what I could do with a new ball..." McBarron who twice had the opportunity of a hat-trick, but the foundations were laid by a another tight opening eight overs from Lynton Sharp and Henry Hilary. Dave Atkinson will be the first to admit that his bowling was not up to his usual high standard - but that is his own silly fault for setting himself such high standards in the earlier games and he still turned in figures that anyone else would have been proud of. John "it doesn’t matter if not everyone bowls four overs - except me!" Adey also impressed with 2 for 5 and debutante Zulfi Sharif showed a great deal of promise with figures of 2.3-0-8-1, and looks like he will keep the opposition batsmen on their toes on the quicker wickets at Chiswick.

The fielding was generally good but for a couple of dropped catches (Atkinson!) and a couple of miss-fields (McBarron!) - but who cares? We won! Kim Matthews also deserves a mention for his efforts behind the stumps - especially when Zulfi fired off three consecutive wides at what can only be described as a fairly rapid pace!

When it came to our batting BOC made a tactical error in holding back their best two bowlers. This allowed openers John Doyle and Peter Harry to effectively win the game inside 10 minutes by taking 30 off the first 3 overs - our best start this season. Although the middle order did its best to throw it away Gerry Gibson was seen off for the cost of only one wicket (Doyle, your umpiring is shite!!!) and some good batting at the death by Phil McBarron and Kim Mathews saw us home as easy victors for the second week running.

We were once again fortunate with the weather (I'm sure the whole team wishes to send out a big "I told you so!" to Dave Sealy and wish him all the best with his injury - a painful lesson in the need to wear a box!) and although the pitch was not the world’s greatest everyone seemed to enjoy another victory - especially the bowlers!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my three games as captain and would like to thank everyone who has played for their efforts, but it is now time to hand over the reins to John Adey for next Tuesday's game against OSD. The attached committee meeting minutes explain all. I just hope I get to bowl four overs next week... (just kidding John).

We have a team entered in the Sportsday six-a-side and we would be grateful if those who we unfortunately can’t squeeze into the side could come along and take the pi.. sorry, I mean cheer us on - not to mention indulge in one or two halves of shandy afterwards...


25 June 1996

Dodgers v BOC

Tuesday, 25 June 1996
Dodgers v BOC
20 over game
Lower Sydenham


BOC won the toss and elected to bat
BOC: 95-6 (P. Brown 31, Sharp 2-3, McBarron 4-19, Adey none for plenty)
DODGERS: 99-1 (McBarron 33 NO, Priest 31 NO, Clarkson 15)



I don't feel there is a lot I can add that is not already said by the above match statistics, except to say that we stuffed ‘em!

What I believe is the Dodgers' biggest ever win started off with another excellent bowling and fielding performance. Lynton Sharp was the pick of the bowlers producing incredible figures of 4-2-3-2 and was well supported by Henry Hilary (1-25) and Dave Atkinson (0-16). This paved the way for Phil McBarron to turn in his best bowling performance of the season and take 4-19. John Adey was unlucky.

The bowlers were backed up by another good fielding display, with Henry Hilary taking a good catch to get rid of the dangerous McMannus and John Doyle and Peter Harry also fielding very well. I would especially like to thank Lynton for bowling Alan Brown when he did, thus ensuring that my dropped catch didn’t cost us anything!

Thanks to the bowlers restricting BOC to a very gettable 95-6 we were able to cruise to our third victory of the season - the first time the club has won three in a season! Eddie Clarkson (15) gave us an excellent start which ensured that we were always ahead of the required rate. The issue was never in any doubt and Phil McBarron (33 not out) played a typically solid (if not exactly chanceless!) innings to steer us home by 9 wickets, watched by yours truly from the other end.

All in all, this was an excellent team performance and we were deserving winners. We also play BOC in our next match so we have a chance to thrash them again! By a fluke of the fixture lists (ours and the England football team’s) this will be our third game against them in succession - let's make sure we win the "series" 2-1!

Please find attached the latest batting and bowling averages as compiled by Phil McBoycott, who has asked if everyone can take careful note of who is top of the batting averages and who has taken the most wickets.....


11 June 1996

Dodgers v BOC

Tuesday, 11 June 1996
Dodgers v BOC

20 over game played at Lower Sydenham


BOC won the toss and elected to field

DODGERS: 94 all out (McBarron 29 NO, Westhead 12, Clarkson 11, Gibson 2-8)
BOC: 95-6 (McMannus 35 NO, Liston 21, Hilary 2-12, Atkinson 2-14)



The match began with only one half of the new opening partnership of Priest and Westhead batting with anything approaching true form (well done Guy!). Unfortunately, the batting was generally poor and it was only due to a solid innings from Phil McBarron (29 not out), ably supported by Clarkson (11) and extras that enabled Dodgers to struggle to 94 all out. Henry Hilary provided the highlight of the innings when, after claiming that he would "be lucky to hit one", promptly showed the rest of us how it should have been done by scoring 9 off the last three balls.

The bowling and fielding initially looked as if it would be up to the good standard that we are coming to expect from the Dodgers this year with Henry Hilary (2-12) again bowling superbly, supported by another good opening spell from Atkinson (2-14). However, some loose bowling and inconsistent fielding later in the BOC innings let them back into the game and McMannus (35 not out) and Liston (21) effectively saw them home with nearly three overs to spare. Highlights of Dodger’s fielding included a fine catch from Eddie Clarkson and a direct hit run out from Peter Harry (aiming at one stump), that any of the current Glamorgan side (I would say they're crap but have you seen Worcestershire's results this year....?) would have been proud of. The other point of interest was Dave Atkinson's eagerness to field at fine-leg / long-off, which defied explanation until we found out he was watching an aerobics class through the window!

Overall this was a disappointing performance and 94 was never going to enough to allow us any margin for error. Even so, there were enough signs throughout the game to show that we are more than capable of beating BOC, who just happen to be our opponents in the next two fixtures. We'll have the bastards next time!

Next week's game against London Media XV has been cancelled because of the England v Holland match (Eddie, if your leg is not better, can I have your ticket?). However, John Adey is thinking of organising some net practice on Thursday at Archbishop's Park. Can anyone who is interested contact John on GTN 271 5259 on Monday please?

Finally, Mike Fishman has asked me to say that BOC have two fixtures on 23 and 25 July which he thinks they may be short for. As they are against new opponents he is keen that BOC should put out a full side and has asked if any Dodgers would like to play. One game will be at Lower Sydenham and the other at Wandsworth Common. If anyone does want to play can they let me know and I will pass this on to Mike.


04 June 1996

Dodgers v TACD

Tuesday, 4th June 1996
Dodgers verses TACD

A very short match report this week (my last, thank god).

Turncoat Dodger Neil Priest, Captain of the opposition, was badly let down by his former colleagues and turned up with only 3 players. An inter-Dodger practice game was played. The format was six a side with Kim Matthews keeping wicket for both sides. Pairs of batsmen faced five overs and Kim Matthews batted two overs for both teams. Batsmen who got out were deducted 5 runs for each dismissal. Neil Priest's team fielded first and got off to a good start when Kim Matthews took a brilliant one handed catch diving to his right to dismiss Phil McBarron off Peter Harry’s bowling. Overall though, with only 5 outfielders this was not a bowlers game. Neil Priest’s team fielded well, hardly dropping a catch and restricting John Adey’s team to 52 (would have been about 150 without all the dismissals).

Neil Priest's team batted extremely well with good contributions from John Doyle and Richard Stone. However, the star batsman was Peter Harry who hit out superbly. Neil Priest blocked out the last few overs to win the game by a few runs (nobody knows how many) despite a late scare when he was out lbw to yours truly (don't whinge, it was plumb Neil).

So ends my stint as Captain (was that a shout of good riddance?). I hand over to Neil Priest who is captain for the next three games, the first against BOCs at Lower Sydenham next week. Good luck Neil!

Finally, I attach for information a revised fixture list for the rest of the season.

19 July, 2003

30 May 1996

Dodgers v DST

Thursday, 30th May 1996
Dodgers verses DST
20 over game


DST won the toss and elected to field

Dodgers: 115-4 (Priest 52, Doyle 21*, Clarkson 13, Westhead 12)
DST: 99-7 (Fisher 28, Bishop 19 - Atkinson 2-14)



Dodgers win again, completing the double over DST. New opening partnership Guy Westhead and man of the match Neil Priest gave Dodgers a superb start putting on 62 for the first wicket before Guy Westhead was run out for 12. Excellent support batting from John Doyle with 21 not out and Eddie Clarkson who hit 13 after being recalled by umpire Westhead after being mistakenly given out off what turned out to be a no ball, ensured Dodgers reached a decent total. Highlight of the Dodgers innings for some was yours truely’s golden duck, lbw first ball. Somehow I don’t think I am going to be allowed to forget it! Overall, a much improved batting display from the previous week, admittedly helped by some sub standard DST fielding.

Another good bowling display led (again) by Dave Atkinson, restricted an improved DST batting effort to 99-7. All the bowlers got at least one wicket except for the unlucky Henry Hillary. New Dodger Lynton Sharp, picking up where he left off in the previous game against DST bowled especially well with 1 for 17 off his 4 overs. Despite some poor light conditions towards the end (the game did not finish until after 9pm) the improved standard of fielding was maintained led by cheerleader Kim Matthews. Two DST batmen where run out (should have been three, but for dodgy umpiring) and catches were taken by Neil Priest and the modest Captain.

Well done lads!

report by John Adey