29 August 2002

Dodgers v Parliamentary Ombudsman

29 August 2002
Dodgers won by 43 runs

Man of the Match: Richard Abigail

Captain Benn won the toss and elected to bat. Immediately Abigail, guesting for Dodgers was into his stride and 55 runs came from the first ten overs. Two glorious cover drives stuck in the memory, as well as a mishit six over the short legside boundary. At the other end McBarron gave typically solid support. Abigail retired having made a quickfire 30, and was replaced by Westhead, who was also in big-hitting mood, and hit his first ever competitive six in scoring 15.

After the dismissal of Westhead and McBarron, the innings rather limped to a conclusion, with batsmen somewhat too eager to sacrifice their wickets for quick runs, and a score of 116 was perhaps a little short of what seemed likely at one stage.

Nevertheless it was quickly made to look more difficult as the Ombudsman team lost their first four wickets for just 15. As dusk turned to night, Crawford was particularly effective, his pace scaring his wicketkeeper even more then the batsmen, and his three wickets were well deserved. Mention should also be made of McBarron and Matthews smart work in running out Watson, a rare moment of fielding brilliance on a day when Dodgers failed three times to complete run outs when both batsmen were at the same end.

The Ombudsman team briefly threatened to get back into the game as Patel made use of the short legside boundary, and at 67-5 the game was on again. Benn snuffed out the threat with two wickets in two balls, and Hawton finished the job with two wickets, the first via a Matthews catch at full stretch.


McBarron Run Out 27
Abigail Retired 30
Westhead Run Out 13
Gundry c&b Parsons 15
Cousins c&b Patel 6
Benn b Patel 5
Crawford NOT OUT 3
Hawton b King 0
Matthews b King 0
Cooper NOT OUT 3
TOTAL 116-7


Cowling LBW B Crawford 3
Patel T C Crawford B Cooper 0
Watson Run Out (McBarron) 1
Robson B Crawford 18
Monk C Cousins B Crawford 0
Patel J B Benn 21
Corkindale C Matthews B Hawton 13
McDonnell B Benn 0
Copeland B Hawton 5
Parsons Run Out (Gundry) 1
King Not Out 0


Cooper 3-0-17-1
Crawford 3-0-12-3
Benn 3-1-10-2
Hawton 3-0-23-2
Cousins 1.3-0-4-0

22 August 2002


22 AUGUST 2002

Result: Dodgers won by six wickets

The last game of the season against our dearest rivals was played against the background of the sad news of Sue Adeys illness. The eight Dodgers available for the game resolved to play to the best of their ability in these circumstances and responded with one of the best team performances of the season.

It was agreed to limit the game to 35 overs each, as several players had to leave before the end. Superstars generously lent us some fielders and the excellent displays of Messrs Block, Abigail and Conway inspired us. Our fielding was a million miles from the dire show against MoD and I cant recall any misfields costing runs.

We fielded first and after three quiet overs, Gigg and Conway started going for their shots. With some quick and aggressive running between the wickets, the score began to mount. As is usual in these circumstances, the captain turned to John Hilary who promptly removed Conways bails. This brought Steve Carter to the wicket. Captain Priest issued stern instructions not to get him out but this was not heard by Kim Matthews (or so he claimed) who caught him in Johns next over.

At the other end, John Cooper was also bowling efficiently and he quickly accounted for the dangerous Tony Whitrod and followed up by removing Barry Gigg. John had an excellent all-round game with bat and ball and in the field.

After a dodgy start, I picked up my usual three jammy wickets (bowling Richard Abigail was particularly satisfying) and Neil Benn returned to remove Marchant when he looked well set. A total of 171 represented a good effort by Dodgers and we felt it was gettable provided we had a good start.

Our openers Andrew Crawford and John Cooper played well and kept the score going at the required rate. However, both were out without getting the big score threatened. Neil Priest responded superbly with a fine innings. After a quiet start, he attacked the bowlers with some aggressive shots, scoring twelve boundaries. At the other end, Neil Benn concentrated on giving his partner the strike but played some good shots himself. The pair added 103 for the third wicket. Mike Taylor helped by bowling six wides in one over.

After Neil Priest was out with the score on 152, our last recognised batsman John Hilary struck two fine boundaries off Taylor but was then out with us still needing nine. This presented a problem, with John Doyle at the crease and only me to come in, Kim having gone home with a stomach upset. Doyle promptly fell over when facing his first delivery and it was looking dodgy but Neil Benn kept his nerve. With scores level, Doyle launched another wild swing at the bowling. He missed by a mile and so did the field, as we ran a bye to clinch a satisfying victory with eleven balls to spare.


Gigg c Matthews b Cooper 35
Conway b Hilary 36
Carter c Matthews b Hilary 0
Lomas lbw b Hilary 12
Whitrod b Cooper 11
Abigail b Pope 20
Davey b Cooper 8
Marchant b Benn 26
Taylor b Pope 6
Siva not out 1
Block lbw b Pope 1
Extras (b2, lb3, w8, nb2) 15
Total 171 all out


Crawford 7-0-33-0
Benn 7-1-41-1
Hilary 7-0-30-3
Cooper 7-0-28-3
Pope 6.1-0-34-3


Crawford b Block 15
Cooper b Siva 20
Priest ct Conway b Block 80
Benn not out 26
Hilary ct Taylor b Block 10
Doyle not out 0
Extras (b3, lb4, w13, nb1) 21
Total 172 for 4


Taylor 6.1-0-36-0
Block 7-0-23-3
Siva 7-0-26-1
Whitrod 7-0-26-1
Conway 5-0-26-0
Marchant 4-0-27-0

14 August 2002

Dodgers v MOD

Wednesday 14 August

Dodgers lost by 37 runs

Disorientated by the early start (17.45) Captain Carr lost the toss and Dodgers took to the field without "It's impossible for me to catch the early train - or anything else" Pope (who arrived later). MOD's innings started badly when opener Baldry, during a mixed over from Crawford, took a swing at one wide of the off stump and played on for 1. He was quickly followed by Bamber who missed a full toss from Benn and was bowled for a duck. Unfortunately this good start was then offset by some rampant slogging by Messrs. Griffiths, Butlin and Denison. Butlin hit the ball like a howitzer shell (belting the ball out of shape in the process) and twice nearly killed Andy Crawford fielding at mid wicket. On both occasions Andy got his hands to the ball but couldn't hold on. This stand was broken by Crawford who had Griffiths well caught by Carr at cover point for 18. Butlin was then joined by Denison who proceeded to belt the ball in all directions The partnership was broken when Cooper, having taken some punishment, bowled Butlin (off stump) for 29. New man Bailey scored a quick 14 before being run out and Denison finally departed (having survived a dropped catch by yours truly - personally I thought I did well to get to it - off Cooper) to a fine caught and bowled by Carr, having scored 58. The remaining batsmen did little of note except that Williams for 1 and Nichols for 2 both managed to allow themselves to be clean bowled by Pope's speciality grubbers who, not for the first time, finished with Dodgers best bowling analysis. MOD finished their innings on 150 for 8 off 20 overs. Highlights of Dodgers fielding (or lack of it) display were Doyle's stopping the ball at mid off whilst diving onto his nose, and the equivalent of a three line whip where McBarron, not trusting the fielding of either Pope or Leach (backing up) wisely stood behind them to collect a return throw to the bowlers end.

I knew we were up against it when every time Carr passed me he muttered "we've never conceded this many in a 20 over match!" - or words to that effect. Have we?

In an attempt to keep up with the run rate Dodgers opened with McBarron and Crawford. This partnership put on 80 before Crawford, following the advice of Umpire Carr to "not to hang around" was promptly caught next ball having scored 46 from 40 balls. We knew the game was up when new man Priest promptly ran out McBarron for 24 (a mix up following the ball hitting the stumps) with the score on 90 in the 15th over. Cooper was then clean bowled for a duck with the score on 93. Highlight of the remaining overs was Doyle's (desperate to overtake me in the all time batting averages) attempt to take 2 runs whilst Priest impassively stood his ground. How he wasn't run out is known only to the Gods of cricket and those members of the opposition who'd taken a bung. Dodger's innings finished on 113 for 3 and we were well beaten.

This was a curates egg of a performance. Some good bowling (Benn and Crawford) and fielding mixed with some lamentable stuff. Ah well I suppose it's what being a Dodger is all about.


Baldry b Crawford 1
Griffiths Ct Carr b Crawford 18
Bamber b Benn 0
Butlin b Cooper 29
Denison c&b Carr 58
Bailey Run out 14
Williams b Pope 2
Nichols b Pope 1
Fleming not out 1
McDonald not out 2
Extras (b1 lb4 w10 nb1) 16
Total 150

Crawford 4 0 23 2
Benn 4 0 15 1
Cooper 3 0 28 1
Leach 4 0 45 0
Carr 3 0 23 1
Pope 2 0 9 2


Mcbarron Run out 24
Crawford c Griffiths b Nichols 46
Priest Not out 21
Cooper b Mcdonald 0
Doyle Not out 5
Extras (b2 w12 nb6) 20
Total 113

Man of the Match - Andrew Crawford