28 May 2009

Dodgers v English Heritage

20 overs

English Heritage 106 for 2 (Cooper R 4-1-7-1) beat Dodgers 105 for 9 (Priest 18, Dollin 20, Lee P RAIL 23) by 8 wickets

MoM: Hatteea - 7, Cooper R - 3, Raj - 1


Innings of Dodgers

Priest b Hindle 18
Dollin c Hindle b Memon 20
Lee (P RAIL) b Griffiths 23
Hatteea b Griffiths 6
Qureshi c & b Memon 2
Cooper R b Griffiths 2
Carr Not Out 5
Fox c Gould b Cromack 1
Raj run out (Hashmi/Frankham) 3
Lowe b Cromack 10
Paterson Not Out 1
Sub-total 91
Extras 14
Total (for 9 wickets) 105

Smith 4-0-24-0
Hindle 4-0-27-1
Memon 4-0-13-2
Griffiths 4-1-14-3
Ireson 2-0-14-0
Cromack 2-0-12-2

Innings of English Heritage

S Cowburn Retired not out 25 (20)
R Gould LBW b Cooper 15 (33)
N Hashmi Retired not out 23 (18)
T Vernon b Hatteea 5 (22)
O Frankham Not Out 23 (21)
A Ireson Not Out 4 (4)
Sub-total 95
Extras 11
Total (for 2 wickets) 106

DNB: T Cromack, P Griffiths, S Memon, J Hindle, L Smith

Bowling of Dodgers

Paterson 3-0-22-0
Lowe 4-0-22-0
Cooper R 4-1-7-1
Fox 2-0-21-0
Raj 3-0-22-0
Sasha 2.2-0-12-1

Fall: 1-59 (Gould) 2-85 (Vernon)

21 May 2009

4DAs Sports Day


A Superstars team guest starring Dodgers John Hilary and Rob Fox finished runners-up in the annual 4DAs 6-a-side Sports Day.

19 May 2009

Dodgers v KAI Dragons

20 overs

KAI Dragons 134 for 7 (Cooper R 4-2-18-2) bt Dodgers 82 all out (Hilary 16) by 52 runs

Mini-match report by The Cat:

"We were soundly stuffed. They got 135ish with 4 players retiring on 25 and we got 90ish all out in the 17th over - highest score 16!! (and I pulled my hamstring whilst attempting, unsuccessfully, to avoid being run out.) We also forgot we were playing away on Tuesday and locked all the kit in the lockers and then Pete Lee left the keys in his kit at home and went on holiday!! Ah well it looks like it's going to be one of those seasons."


Innings of KAI Dragons

O'Donnell c Matthews b Cooper R 0
Beckett lbw b Cooper R 17
Whitehead Retired not out 25
Johal Retired not out 25
Grayson c Lee (Peter-PS) b Hilary 18
Jones Retired not out 25
Kotecha Not out 7
Radford Not out 10
Sub-total 127
Extras 7
Total (for 3) 134

DNB: Southworth, Pearson, Hayman

Bowling of Dodgers

Cooper R 4-2-18-2
Atkinson 4-0-32-0
Raj 4-0-37-0
Lowe 4-0-34-0
Hilary 4-0-13-1

Innings of Dodgers

Lee (Peter-PS) c wkt b Kotecha 1
Qureshi b Kotecha 1
Westhead c Surinder b Kotecha 10
Lee (Pete-RAIL) c Surinder b Kotecha 6
Radcliffe b Southworth 9
Raj c ? b Radford 12
Hilary c ? b Radford 16
Matthews run out 3
Cooper R b Radford 7
Lowe not out 7
Atkinson c ? b Hayman 1
Sub-total 71
Extras 11
Total (all out) 82

Bowling of KAI Dragons

Kotecha 4-0-9-4
Jones 2-0-16-0
Southworth 4-0-28-1
Radford 4-0-15-3
Hayman 2.4-0-12-1
Pearson 1-0-1-0

12 May 2009

Dodgers v Superstars

20 overs
No retirement rule

Dodgers 109 for 6 (Priest 18, Marr 14) lost to Superstars 110 for 3 (Cousins 4-0-6-0, McBarron 2-0-11-1) by 7 wickets

Scorecard below

A bright blustery evening at Chiswick saw this season's first encounter with Superstars unfold on Tuesday evening. Priest, substituting for the late-to-arrive Carr, won the toss and elected to bat. Matt Taylor accompanied Neil to the crease to face opening bowlers Gundry and Mountain. It was fairly slow going due to some very tight stuff from Gundry but it was Mountain who took the first wicket, that of Taylor who took his eye off the ball and was clean bowled much to his very vocal chagrin. Having already been dropped behind in the third over, Matt was quite fortunate. Damian Radcliffe was next in and took a while to get settled, facing 9 balls before getting off the mark. Meanwhile Priest was dropped by Gigg on the boundary. Once settled, Damian played some fine strokes including two fours before Conway (on for Mountain) had him caught at square leg. In contrast, number four batsman Russ Marr got off to a flying start with 8 off 3 balls. He progressed steadily and appeared to be set for a big score when he was caught behind by Walker off Mike Taylor (on for Gundry who finished with a fine 4-1-9-0). Two minutes later Neil Priest was caught by Conway, again off Taylor for 18. Neil had batted for 45 minutes but faced only 23 balls! With Dodgers on 56 for 4 off 13 overs it was time to step up a gear. Phil McBarron and John Carr put on 25 for the 5th wicket in 12 minutes with both scoring at around a run a ball. Phil was caught and bowled by the returning Mountain which brought in Peter Lee. Bringing a welcome do-or-die spirit, Peter immediately launched into it but his aggression brought his downfall attempting to launch a mighty blow over long off he instead holed out to a fine catch. Step up John Hilary for a bit more of the same... and then some. A quickfire 13 of ten balls not only saw Dodgers to an acceptable total of 109 but also threatened to bring about the untimely demise of our beloved captain. JC survived and kept his part of the bargain in finishing on 9 off 9 balls.

Gaught and Conway opened the batting for Superstars with Cousins and Cooper taking bowling honours for Dodgers. Simon caused all kinds of problems at the one end and kept a very tight ship whilst Cooper at the other end was simply experiencing all kinds of problems, exacerbated by the very blustery conditions. The scoreboard ticked over steadily and Cooper was replaced by Fox in the 8th over. Simon Cousins meanwhile ended with splendid figures of 4-1-6-0 and was replaced by John Hilary. JH seemed to be getting some fine swing and was rewarded with the wicket of Matt Conway courtesy of a McBarron catch. Cooper dropped a steepling catch from a typical big hit by Gaught off Fox. Gaught made his fifty but was out soon after to a catch by Marr off the returning Cooper. Evison departed for a duck off McBarron to a "slip" catch by Priest. It was left to Gigg to score the winning run off Priest.

[detailed scorecard for Superstars innings not available]

Man of the Match: Cousins / Hilary (5 each), Cooper J - 1 (no, me neither)

Scorecard below

Innings of Dodgers  RunsBallsS/RMins
Priestc Conwayb Taylor182378.2645
Radcliffec (Sq leg)Conway101855.5614
Marrc Walkerb Taylor141877.7814
McBarronc & bMountain131681.2514
Carrnot out 99100.0024
Leec ?b Mountain5683.334
Hilarynot out 1310130.009
Sub-Total  89   
Extras  20   
Total  109116Balls 
Did not bat: Fox, Cooper J, Cousins
Fall of wicket: 1-14 (Taylor 7), 2-32 (Radcliffe 10)
3-55 (Marr 14) 4-56 (Priest 18)
5-81 (McBarron 13) 6-87 (Lee 5)
Bowling of SuperstarsOMRW  
Innings of Superstars  RunsBallsS/RMins
Gaughtc Marrb Cooper J50   
Conwayc McBarronb Hilary32   
WalkerNot out 19   
Evisonc Priestb McBarron0   
Giggnot out 1   
Sub-Total  102   
Extras  8   
Total  110 Balls 
Did not bat:       
Bowling of DodgersOMRW  
Cooper J40301  

07 May 2009

Dodgers v Ministry of Justice

Dodgers (125 for 3, Priest 25*, Lee 27*) lost to MoJ (126 for 2, Fox 4-0-23-1, McBarron 1-0-7-1) by 8 wkts.

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat
Weather overcast
6pm start, 20 overs, 4 overs max per bowler, retire at 25, 10 overs from each end
Umpires: Pope, Fox

Match report

The first match of the season took place on a typically dark and gloomy early May night at the Civil Service Sports Ground, Chiswick. Also, running to form, we started 20 minutes late.

JC won the toss and elected to bat on the basis that it would be marginally preferable to field rather than bat when it got really dark later on. The decision looked to be a good one as openers Neil Priest and new recruit Rob Cooper (from TQ's other team) steadily put on runs before Rob (13) was bowled by Whalley.

Our second new recruit of the night, Pete Lee (no relation), stepped up and after a few sighters proceeded to smack it everywhere including three fours in four balls at one point. The retire-at-25 rule saw Pete depart undefeated on 27 minutes after Neil had also notched up another red-inker on 25.

This meant two new batsmen in the form of Phil McBarron (20*) and Guy Westhead (15). Fortunately this didn't disrupt the pace of the innings as they both scored at around a run ball before Guy was bowled by the returning Whalley, bring in John Carr.

JC (5) was given out in dubious circumstances caught behind to leave Rob Fox to come in for his obligatory not out (4*).

The Dodgers total was 125.

Following the change around John Cooper opened the bowling and found the edge a couple of times but found no luck. Rob Fox opened at the other end* and eventually had opener Bigham out caught and bowled for 21. The other three of the MoJ top four (Smith, Hutchison and Cason) bats would all go on to retired 25's.

Change bowlers Will Streatfeild and Rob Cooper had varying success. Will's pace was undenied but his line was wayward and a few wides at 2 runs a piece were clocked up. Rob Cooper also showed pace and swing and was unlucky not to get a wicket.

5th change David Pope was severely attacked and went for 28 of only 2 overs which left Dodgers under a bit of pressure. Streatfeild returned for a second spell and reduced his pace and his bowling improved a great deal. McBarron bowled at the death and was immediately rewarded with a wicket courtesy of a skier which was caught by John Cooper at cover.

MoJ reached their required total of 126 with two overs to spare and won by 8 wickets.

Man of the Match: Lee (Pete, RAIL) - 5, Cooper R - 4, McBarron - 1, Priest - 1


Innings of Dodgers  RunsBallsS/RMins
Priestnot out 2523108.7028
Cooper RbWhalley131776.4717
Lee (Pete - RAIL)not out 2720135.0023
McBarronnot out 202195.24 
Carrc wktBonner51338.465
Foxnot out 42200.00 
Sub-Total  109   
Extras  16   
Total  125110Balls 
Did not bat: Streatfeild, Cooper, Matthews, Pope
Fall of wicket: 1-30 (Cooper R 13), 2-102 (Westhead 15)
3-121 (Carr 5)
Bowling of MoJOMRW  
Innings of MoJ  RunsBallsS/RMins
Smith JNot out 25   
Bighamc & bFox21   
HutchinsonNot out 25   
CasonNot out 25   
HoareCooper Jb McBarron3   
WhalleyNot out 1   
ConnahNot out 6   
Sub-Total  106   
Extras  20   
Total  126 Balls 
Did not bat: Goodwin, Page, Appavod      
Bowling of DodgersOMRW  
Cooper J40260  
Cooper R40150  

Run progression

(Overs 1-4) . . 2 1 . 1 | 1 1 4 . . . | . 4 2 . 1 . | . 1 2 . 1 1
(Overs 5-8) 2 1 . 4 . . | 1 . W . . . | . . 2 . . 4 | . 4 . 4 4 .
(Overs 9-12) 2 2 1 2 1 . | . 4 . 2 . . | 1 3 1 . w2 1 | w2 . . 1 4 w2
(Overs 13-16) . 1 . . 1 . | 2 . w2 . 1 | . 2 nb6 1 w2 1 | 4 . W . . .
(Overs 17-20) w2 . 1 1 1 | 2 1 . w2 . . | 1 . . . 4 . | . 4 1 W 4 .