Heavy rotation

Dodgers' controversial squad rotation policy kicked in last night: six of the victorious XI from Buckhurst were axed, including the top two scorers, best three bowlers and our unbeaten captain. No matter. Despite a truly shambolic fielding performance - including no fewer than seven shelled catches - we restricted BSI to 111 after they'd got off to a fabulous start.

John Hilary's 4-14 and a tight spell from John Cooper were instrumental in keeping things under wraps. In reply, retired 30s from Priest and McBarron and a rapid 28 from Crawford allowed us to cruise in with five wickets and eight deliveries to spare.

Can anyone beat us?


cerysmatic said…
Quote of the day. After the match McB asked the non-playing JC "Are you going straight to the bar?" to which the answer was, "Yes, after umpiring for 40 (very cold!) overs you don't think I'm coming back to spend quality time with you in the changing rooms do you!"

JC's aforementioned marathon umpiring stint saw him get an aggressive reaction from one of the BSI bowlers when he turned down an lbw appeal: "You cheat" or words to that effect.