Thriller in the drizzle

Dodgers fought back in the gloom and rain last night to tie with Treasury. Batting first, HMT scored in fits and starts, including two massive sixes, with the retire-at-25 rule very much in our favour. Cousins and Southwell grabbed our only two wickets and they ended at 118.

In reply, the absent McB's sinister [check dictionaries folks!] protege went for a duck, and when Priest and Hilary fell for 17 and 21 we were up against. Leach and Cooper also departed, leaving Master Nurdler Benn and Run Out King Qureshi a huge ask. Putting their St Andrews difficulties aside, the pair scored well on the slow outfield with good, energetic running. Benn retired and Cat fell, leaving 6 needed of the last over. Two smears by the tractionless Southwell left us with 2 needed off 3 balls. He was then run out attempting a difficult, though sensible single, before Tawhid could only scramble a bye off the next. The last ball to Cousins went to short cover and Simon's desperate attempt to complete the run failed.

Batting first gave us a drier ball but difficult batting conditions, and the tie was probably a fair result in the end.


cerysmatic said…
Man of the Match Result:

Benn - 5
Qureshi - 5
Hilary (J) - 1

Scorecard coming soon.