Must be the smell of them sausages...

Dodgers completed their most comfortable win of the season last night against Science Museum. Science won the toss and batted on a flat pitch, marred only by a few hundred divots and a metal post driven into the turf. [I kid you not - it was on a length as well.]

After 8 overs their innings was in tatters, with Benn (1-4) and Crawford (3-10 - one a great catch by Matt Taylor) doing the business. This was followed swiftly by Hilary (2-7) and the slightly less accurate Luke (1-24). With Priest and McB also grabbing cheap wickets, Science's total of 55 didn't really look all that competitive.

And so it proved, though we made heavy weather of it. Taylor played a couple of confident shots before playing across a grubber and Westhead soon followed. Priest survived a chance to fly slip and a close LBW shout before falling to their spinner (figures of 4-2-2-1) before the Cat took charge, smashing three boundaries in his unbeaten 18 as we crept home with 4 overs to spare.