Dodgers v Buckhurst Hill

Phil McBarron reports...

Dodgers won by about 20 on a desparately low and slow pitch. BH contained a mixture of old and new faces but were generally stronger than normal.

Amazingly JC won the toss and sensibly decided to bat first in view of the very hot weather. We managed 160 all out in 47 overs. 64 for Taylor who batted most of the overs and rode his luck well (a vital and impressive knock in the context of the game) and a very slow 23 for McB (Taylor and I put on about 75 for the 1st wicket aided by a large number of extras).

My dismissal was controversial - low catch claimed by point which I thought had been scooped up on the half volley. None of their players seemed sure and the umpires were in no position to give it. I stood my ground briefly and asked the fielder if he was sure the catch was good. He said he was so I walked. I'm pretty certain it wasn't out and absolutely certain fielder couldn't be sure, but what do you do?! (Stay in! Ed.)

Priesty looked in good touch but was run out for 18 when sprinting for a 3rd which Taylor declined for some unfathomable reason (the great man was not best pleased but to be fair didn't dwell on it). The Cat scored 10 to pass 100 for the season to universal acclaim (even BH applauded). Single figure scores for the rest including clean bowled ducks for Hilary, Southwell and Pope (the first two goldens).

160 seemed about 20 short in the conditions but BH found the pitch as difficult to force the pace on as we did. Four of their top five were very decent players but all got out in the 20s (3 played on via inside edges - it was that type of pitch). Star of the show was Simon Cousins with 17.3 overs 5-35. John Cooper picked up 2 or 3 and David Pope managed his obligatory couple near the end (including the BH wicketkeeper again!). They were finally out for about 140 in 42 overs (15 balls were left remaining of the final 20 when we got the last wicket).

Overall, a pretty good performance and for the second time in a week we held our nerve when under the cosh and coming 2nd best in the field. I think our record for the season is 16 wins, 4 defeats (all fairly narrow), one tie and one winning draw (first Superstars game). Pretty remarkable considering we failed to score 200 in any match (199 against Weasels being the best). Testimony to how well we bowled and some improved fielding. Superstars have also failed to score 200 this season which says a lot about the weather and pitches. (And their crapness! Ed.)

Innings of Dodgers

McBarron c ? b Mangara 23
Taylor c ? b Stander 64
Priest run out 18
Carr b Sabini 5
Matthews run out 10
Whitrod lbw b Sabini 7
Hilary (J) b Sabini 0
Southwell b Ball 0
Cousins b Ball 6
Cooper not out 0
Pope b Sabini 0
Sub-total 133
Extras 27
Total 160

Buckhurst Hill bowling

Baid 9 3 21 0
Sawar 5 0 20 0
Stander 15 2 46 1
Mangara 8 0 31 1
Sabini 6.5 1 19 4
Ball 3 0 4 2

Innings of Buckhurst Hill

Sabini b Cousins 20
Briscoe c & b Hilary (J) 3
Grey b Cousins 22
Adeel b Cooper 23
Stander b Cousins 31
Smith c Southwell b Cousins 0
Magara (R) c Taylor b Cooper 0
Yasser not out 14
Magara (P) b Pope 1
Rose c Carr b Pope 2
Ball b Cousins 3
Sub-total 126
Extras 14
Total 140

Dodgers bowling

Cousins 17.5 4 35 5
Hilary (J) 7 0 35 1
Cooper 7 0 27 2
Pope 5 1 27 2
Southwell 4 0 13 0


Neil said…
I'm also told that Matt Southwell, whose catching was roundly condemned in this column a few weeks ago, told a blinder yesterday - well done mate!
Neil said…
"Told a blinder"? I'm losing the plot here; let's try "Took a blinder".