History made

Dodgers exacted maximum revenge for last season's humiliating defeat at the hands of the Audit Commission with a bloodless victory last night by ten wickets with eight overs to spare. And history was made...

Losing the toss, Dodgers took the field and welcomed back Rod Paterson to spearhead the attack alongside Simon Cousins. The Auditors' batting always looks dangerous, but they flattered to deceive in the early exchanges despite some favourable umpiring as the score moved on slowly. Wickets fell at key moments and after 12 overs Paterson (1-15), Cousins (1-23) and Benn (1-11) had kept the lid on it nicely.

Enter Cooperman. First he took a gentle caught-and-bowled, then he induced a drag-on with a big in-swinger and suddenly it was hat-trick ball. The field closed in... the delivery was on its way... the batsman moved into position... she raised her bat - d'oh! Meant to hide that fact! - the ball went in the air... and Tawhid pouched it at short mid-on with ease: the first-ever Dodgers hat-trick.

With one early victim, it was surely time for "Ol' Spawny Wickets" Hilary to mop up. But an incoming batswoman pleaded "be gentle with me bowler" and he was too much of a gentleman to do anything sensible like bowl at the stumps, ending with 4-2-3-1 as John Cooper grabbed another caught-and-bowled to end with three catches and figures of 4-20 as the Commission ended on 71.

McB was looking to back Dodgers at 10s on in the interval and his confidence was not misplaced. Priest and Qureshi attacked from the first ball and both sparkled on occasions despite Tawhid offering up a couple of chances. After four overs the game was virtually over and it wasn't long before the openers "voluntarily" retired on 25 (Priest passing 4,000 runs en route) to give the Yorkshire Slogger the opportunity to cream 5* in only four overs to end the game.

History made and a useful warm-up for Buckhurst, but the expected contest simply never materialised.


cerysmatic said…
Man of the Match votes: 1st - Cooper (10); 2nd - Qureshi (1)