Back on track

A high-octane Dodgers crushed BSI tonight by 85 runs to record their ninth win of the year. With only six defeats, we are just one victory away from guaranteeing another positive season.

Captain Priest won the toss and opened with Westhead. Thirteen runs came from the first over to set the tone before Guy introduced a new variant on his standard dismissal: he still played back to a full ball but this time got his leg in the way. Out for 6 and 26 for 1.

BSI’s bowling was very variable – to say the least – and the batsmen took full toll. Priest, McBarron, Hilary, Qureshi and Gundry all reaching the retirement score of 25 in quick time without giving a single chance, Charleston’s four overs costing 48 with a further four overs coming from a promising 14-year-old leg spinner. We closed on 155-1 – in theory a second-wicket stand of 127!

It’s remarkable how a massive score on the boards can settle the bowlers and the luckless Cooper began with five balls on a good line and just back of a length as the opener swung violently and missed. The sixth was similar and the batsman’s top edge floated to McB at point, where it was uncharacteristically floored. At least it kept McB relatively quiet for a bit. The second over from Benn was all-action: two powerfully struck boundaries and two wickets, both bowled.

The 14-year-old had opened the innings and his chuntering and cursing was getting on our skipper’s wick, even though he wasn’t actually scoring. Time for Mr Gundry! It went quiet for a while as ball after ball thudded into the Cat’s gloves, but Simon is a gentleman and stuck to length and line rather than tickling his ribs.

With Operation Gundry not working it was time for some subtlety – so nothing to do with any of the regulars then. The Hilary family were on a mass outing to Chiswick and JH’s nephew, Charlie Wood, was drafted into the eleven. Fortunately for him, Charlie has no obvious Hilary characteristics and his first ball confirmed this impression: it was a Chinaman which pitched, turned and hit the leg bail to win the battle of the teenagers at the first attempt, his opponent having occupied the crease for 11 overs for 12.

Two catches by Great Uncle John followed (the second a beauty) to give Charlie figures of 3-0-14-3. It could’ve been better too, because the umpire – on his mobile at the time - ruled out an attempted stumping by the Cat when the batsman wasn’t back in his ground until after the next ball! A wicket for Adey and two for Old Spawny Wickets at the end sealed a very comfortable victory as BSI reached just 68 in the seventeenth over.

The British Standards Institute suggested that the two teenagers were joint men-of-the-match. The Dodgers Standards Institute concluded that three wickets in a massive win was rather better than no wickets and eleven overs of blocking and awarded it to Charlie.


cerysmatic said…
Man of the Match: Charlie - 7, Hilary (J) 2, 2 votes to come (Charlie - I wonder who he might vote for!?, and Gundry)
Anonymous said…
charlie says that he votes for the cat because he nearly got the jolly old stumping