Dodgers v DST

21 MAY 1997

Dodgers won toss

Dodgers: 112 all out, 32 overs (McBarron 31no, J. Hilary 23, Benn 3-13, Siva 2-26)
DST: 80 all out, 34.3 overs (Clancy 25, J. Hilary 4-16, H. Hilary 2-10, Crawford 2-8)



After winning the toss and electing to bat it was somewhat disappointing to find ourselves 30 for 5 after 10 overs. However, what promised to be the worst possible start to my stint as captain turned out to be the most satisfying Dodgers come back I have played in.

We started strongly: 3 for 0 off 4 balls. Unfortunately, we were 3 for 2 off 6 balls (John Doyle and Guy Westhead both out first ball - both to very good deliveries from Siva). Pete Harry soon followed for 5, despite having been dropped off the second easiest chance of the season (see below for the easiest chance!) and despite some resistance from Andrew Crawford (13) we were really in the shit. There was much talk of two twenty over games.

Yet again it was Phil McBarron who came to the rescue with a cautious and well grafted 31 not out off 26 overs - just what the doctor, or at least the captain, ordered. Phil was ably supported by deserving Man of the Match John Hilary (Henry’s brother) who hit a very useful looking, not to mention desperately needed, 23. Membership is £20 John...

Some hard hitting from Henry Hilary (13) at the end dragged us kicking and screaming to 112 all out, which, even on a bad wicket, never looked like being enough. The stage was set for an easy Stats win, but nobody had bothered to show Dodgers the script!

Stats got off to a solid but painfully slow start but everyone bowled and fielded magnificently. Phil McBarron bowled 6 full-tosses in his first over (so much for "hitting the wicket hard") and was lucky to go for only 5 runs. Henry bowled as tight as ever and Phil redeemed himself by bowling a maiden second over. They were well supported by Pete Harry and Andrew Crawford bowled very tightly at the end. It was time then to unleash our secret weapon John Hilary who ripped out Stats middle order in double quick time to finish with 4-16. Stats folded and it was left to Phil McBarron to finish it off by bowling Steve Dennis to give us a comfortable 32 run victory.

I feel I should mention our fielding. Apart from John Hilary letting one through that cost us a single (he is human after all) and John Doyle and Pete Harry dropping Lyndon Frances off successive balls, we were brilliant. I think it's fair to say that Pete's was the easiest chance of the season! We fielded and caught well and never let them in the game. Contact Sian Brown for lessons on how to catch a ball without actually using either hand.....

Apart from our early batting this was a very good performance by everyone and it shows what we can do when we play as a team. Stats were gutted and when I went into their dressing room after the game they were all sat around in silence looking at the floor. YEEESSSSSSS!!!!!

Phil McBarron’s Match Reports

I have been asked to point out two errors: Pete Harry took the unattributed catch in the OSD game (and a good one it was too - but also see above!) and in the report on the BOC game Phil said "we" experimented with the batting order. This of course should be "I" experimented. Thank you to all ten of the other players that night for pointing this out.


Please note that the Inter-club match on 4 June is cancelled. However, there will be nets/fielding practice at Archbishop's park on 3 June. Please contact the new (improved?) slimline John Adey for details (0171 271 5259).

Quote of the week

"John Carr has got the best body in Dodgers....." (John Doyle after a huge amount of Young's Ordinary - hmmmm.....)



Priest lbw b Benn 7
Doyle b Siva 0
Westhead b Siva 0
Crawford b Benn 13
Harry b Benn 5
McBarron NOT OUT 31
J. Hilary c Niblett b Dennis 23
Brown b Alex? 0
Matthews c Benn b Clancy 0
H. Hilary c Siva b Niblett 13
A. N. Other (Doyle again!) b Broadley 2
Extras 18
TOTAL (32 overs) 112 all out

Siva 8 1 26 2
Benn 6 2 13 3
Dennis 5 0 20 1
Alex? 5 1 16 1
Clancy 4 1 14 1
Niblett 3 0 11 1
Broadley 1 0 5 1


Taylor c J. Hilary b H. Hilary 5
Benn lbw b H. Hilary 15
Clancy lbw b J. Hilary 25
Frances c Priest b Harry 3
Whitrod c Matthews b J. Hilary 7
Siva b J. Hilary 5
Wadham lbw b J. Hilary 1
Arulandunam c. Brown b Crawford 0
Broadley b Crawford 1
Niblett NOT OUT 4
Dennis b McBarron 1
Extras 13
TOTAL (34.3 overs) 80 All out

H. Hilary 8 2 10 2
McBarron 5.3 1 13 1
Harry 8 0 31 1
J. Hilary 8 2 16 4
Crawford 5 0 8 2

NB. If these scorecards don't add up, and I have not checked them, blame the scorer (who shall remain nameless but is sometimes known as "The Cat"). I understand that some sad bastards have been stood in the Royal Oak adding them up after previous match reports. Get a life!