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2024 Season

WON - 4LOST - 5, DRAWN - 0, TIED - 0

13-Apr Sat 40 over v South Bank @ Turney Road WON Scorecard
28-Apr Sun Timed v Buckhurst Hill @ Buckhurst Hill CANCELLED
02-May Thu T20 v MOJ @ Chiswick LOST Scorecard
09-May Thu T20 v HMT @ Chiswick WON Scorecard
15-May Wed T20 v LT Dinos @ Chiswick WON Scorecard
22-May Wed T20 v Superstars @ Chiswick CANCELLED
29-May Wed T20 v Marauders @ Chiswick LOST
05-Jun Wed T20 v Tilberg Regents @ Dulwich LOST
11-Jun Tue T20 v King's Road @ Battersea Park LOST Scorecard
16-Jun Sun Timed v Roehampton @ Putney Heath WON Scorecard
20-Jun Thu T20 v Fleet Street Strollers @ Barn Elms LOST
25-Jun Tue T20 v Superstars @ Chiswick
02-Jul Tue T20 v COBCC @ Chiswick
11-Jul Thu T20 v Caribs @ Regent's Park
14-Jul Sun 40 over v WGPCC @ Windsor Great Park
16-Jul Tue T20 v Green Sox @ Turney Road
25-Jul Thu T20 v St Peter's Dads @ Battersea Park
01-Aug Thu T20 v Kensington Wanderers @ Chiswick
06-Aug Tue T20 v Kai Dragons @ Chiswick
14-Aug Wed T20 v Defra All Stars @ Chiswick
22-Aug Thu 40 over v Superstars @ Chiswick
27/29-Aug (tbc) T20 v Putney @ Putney
22-Sep Sun Timed v Buckhurst Hill @ Buckhurst Hill

2023 Season

WON - 12LOST - 7, DRAWN - 0, TIED - 0

23-Apr Sun Timed v Buckhurst Hill @ Buckhurst Hill CANCELLED
04-Jul Tue T20 v COBCC @ Chiswick CANCELLED
08-Aug Tue T20 v Defra All Stars @ Chiswick CANCELLED

2022 Season

WON - 9, LOST - 8, DRAWN - 0, TIED - 0

01-May Sun Timed v Buckhurst Hill @ Buckhurst Hill POSTPONED
26-May Thurs T20 v Superstars @ Chiswick WON Scorecard
31-May Tues T20 v Ad Hoc @ Chiswick CANCELLED
07-Jun Tues T20 v Defra All Stars @ Chiswick CANCELLED
19-Jun Sun Timed v Buckhurst Hill @ Buckhurst Hill CANCELLED 
26-Jun Sun Timed v Roehampton @ Putney Heath WON Scorecard
28-Jun Tues T20 v Superstars @ Chiswick LOST Scorecard
30-Jun Thurs T20 v Putney @ Putney LOST Scorecard
17-Jul Sun 40 over v Windsor Great Park @ Windsor CANCELLED
20-Jul Weds T20 v Green Sox @ Turney Road WON Scorecard
26-Jul Tues T20 v TfL Pirates @ Chiswick WON Scorecard
16-Aug Tues T20 v Kai Dragons @ Chiswick CANCELLED
25-Aug Thurs 40 over v Superstars @ Dundonald Rec CANCELLED
18-Sep Sun Timed v Buckhurst Hill @ Buckhurst Hill LOST Scorecard

2021 Season

WON - 9, LOST - 8, DRAWN - 1, TIED - 2

18-May Tues T20 v Putney @ Putney POSTPONED
28-Jul Weds T20 v Tilberg Regents @ Turney Rd CANCELLED
08-Aug Sun Timed v Roehampton @ Roehampton Common CANCELLED
19-Sep Sun 40 over v Buckhurst Hill @ High Rd ABANDONED

2020 Season

WON - 6, LOST - 3, ABANDONED - 1

2019 Season

WON - 10, LOST - 7, TIED - 1

14-Apr Sun Buckhurst Hill Timed High Rd WON Scorecard
02-May Thu LT Dinos T20 Chiswick WON Scorecard
09-May Thu Kensington Wanderers T20 CANCELLED
16-May Thu Putney CC T20 Putney LOST Scorecard
22-May Wed Superstars T20 Abbey Rec WON Scorecard
26-May Sun Weekenders T20 CANCELLED
28-May Tue Ad Hoc T20 Chiswick WON Scorecard
06-Jun Thu Marauders T20 Chiswick LOST Scorecard
12-Jun Wed Defra All Stars T20 CANCELLED
18-Jun Tue Weekenders T20 CANCELLED
23-Jun Sun Green Sox 40 over Turney Rd TIED Scorecard
25-Jun Tue Superstars CC T20 Chiswick LOST Scorecard
02-Jul Tue Kai Dragons T20 Chiswick LOST Scorecard
10-Jul Wed English Heritage T20 Chiswick WON Scorecard
15-Jul Mon Ad Hoc T20 Regents Park LOST Scorecard
21-Jul Sun Windsor Great Park 35 over Windsor WON Scorecard
25-Jul Thu TfL Pirates T20 Parliament Hill CANCELLED
31-Jul Wed Kensington Wanderers T20 Chiswick LOST Scorecard
04-Aug Sun Roehampton CC 35 over Roehampton Common WON Scorecard
07-Aug Wed Tilberg Regents T20 Turney Rd WON Scorecard
13-Aug Tue MOJ T20 Chiswick WON Scorecard
22-Aug Thu Marauders T20 Battersea Ironsides LOST Scorecard
29-Aug Thu Superstars 35 over Abbey Rec WON Scorecard
22-Sep Sun Buckhurst Hill CC 40 over CANCELLED

2018 Season

WON - 12, LOST - 6, DRAWN - 1

May 3 LT Dinos Home Chiswick WON Scorecard
May 10 Thu Kensington Wanderers Home Chiswick LOST Scorecard
May 17 Thu Putney T20 Away Putney WON Scorecard
May 20 Sun Buckhurst Hill Timed Away Buckhurst Hill (upper) WON Scorecard
May 23 Wed Superstars CC T20 Chiswick Away LOST Scorecard
May 31 Thursday Tilberg Regents T20 Dulwich Away CANCELLED
Jun 6 Weds Marauders T20 Battersea Ironsides Away LOST Scorecard
Jun 10 Sunday Roehampton CC 35 over Roehampton Common Away CANCELLED
Jun 12 Thursday Kensington Wanderers T20 Chiswick LOST Scorecard
Jun 20 Weds Weekenders T20 Chiswick LOST Scorecard
Jun 21 Thursday DCMS Home CANCELLED
Jun 26 Tuesday Superstars CC T20 Abbey Rec Away WON Scorecard
Jul 1 Sunday Green Sox 35 over Belair Away WON Scorecard
Jul 5 Wed TfL Pirates T20 Regents park Away WON Scorecard 
Jul 12 Thu Tilberg Regents T20 Dulwich Away WON Scorecard
Jul 19 Thu National Archives WON Scorecard
Jul 23 Monday Adhoc T20 Away WON Scorecard
Jul 31 Tuesday Kai Dragons T20 Chiswick Away LOST Scorecard
Aug 7 Tuesday DCMS T20 WON Scorecard
Aug 22 Wednesday Marauders T20 WON Scorecard
Aug 30 Thursday Superstars CC 40 over Chiswick Home WON Scorecard
Sep 9 Sunday Buckhurst Hill CC 40 over High Rd ground DRAWN Scorecard

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