Ken Block Trophy

The Ken Block Trophy was inaugurated in 2010 in memory of Superstars legend Ken Block. It is contested each year with a best of 3 matches (2 Twenty20 and 1 full game) between rival teams Dodgers and Superstars. The trophy has changed hands on numerous occasions, but Dodgers have done remarkably well in recent years:

2023 - Dodgers retain the trophy once again with a clean sweep of three victories: here, here and here

2022 - Dodgers retain the trophy by virtue of having won one and lost one of the two games played during the season

2021 - an extraordinary year in that both our first two matches ended in ties, but Dodgers won the decider in an exciting August showdown by 28 runs

- in a reduced season due to the coronavirus, we managed only one full game against Superstars, and they won it, thus regaining the trophy

2019 - read the report of the decider, complete with photographic record, here.

2018 - see the victorious Dodgers team on Twitter here.

2017 - see the state of the Superstars scoreboard on Twitter here, and marvel at the spectacular Dodgers victory!

2016 - a very close decider, squeaked out by Dodgers in the final over.

2015 - not a good year, given that three attempts to play had to be cancelled and Superstars won the only game that actually went ahead...

2014 - Dodgers claimed the trophy with a 3-0 win, and here is the blow-by-blow account:

Match1: 17.07.14, Chiswick, 20 overs (25 retirement, 2 runs for a wide/no ball and no extra ball except last over)
Dodgers 151 for 6 (Muhammad (S) 28 of 14, Shimoga (NJ) 28 of 25 & Shahin 25 of 14) Beat Superstars 143 for 7 (Imran 2/23, Muhammad (S) 1/7 & Shahin 1/15) by 8 runs

Match2: 09.07.14, Imber Court, 35 overs
Superstars 164 for 6 (Palmer 2/25, Shahin 2/35 & Shimoga (NJ) 1/18) Lost to Dodgers 166 for 6 (Shajib 40*, Shahin 39 & Dollin† 28) by 4 wickets with 5.4 overs remaining

Match3: 05.08.14, Chiswick, 20 overs (25 retirement, 2 runs for wide/no ball and no extra ball except last over)
Dodgers 153 for 3 (Hatteea 29* of 21, Shahin 26* of 16 & Shimoga (NJ) 26* of 17) Beat Superstars 124 for 8 (Hanspal 2/17, Palmer 2/25 & Shahin 1/5) by 29 runs

And if you want to see how Superstars feel about it, this is their Ken Block Trophy page.

Captain Ralph reclaiming the Ken Block Trophy from Superstars skipper Barry Gigg in 2021