The Constitution

1. The full title of the Club shall be "The Dodgers Cricket Club" hereinafter referred to as "the Club".

2. The objects of the Club shall be to arrange and play cricket matches and social events such as the Club Committee shall from time to time determine.

3. Membership of the Club shall be open to any person put forward by a current or former member.

4. Management of the Club shall be vested in the Club Committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain and at least one other full member which shall be elected annually and which shall:

a) Meet as often as it shall deem necessary but in any event not less than three times a year. At all such meetings three shall be a quorum.

(b) Suggest membership fees and match fees for both Full and Associate members, for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

(c) Liaise with other clubs to arrange mutually acceptable fixture dates and venues for matches and publicise such matches to members.

(d) Fill causal vacancies arising within their own ranks and co-opt individuals to serve therein who shall then serve only until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club but shall then be eligible for re-election.

(e) Delegate authority to members and such sub-committees as shall from time to time be necessary who shall act in accordance with the directions of the Committee.

(f) Hold moneys and conduct all financial transactions on behalf of the Club and keep proper books of account.

(g) Impose any disciplinary measures upon members as may be appropriate.

5. All members shall

(a) Abide by the Laws of Cricket when representing the Club

(b) Indicate their availability in advance for all fixtures arranged by the Club.

(c) When selected to play for the Club, members should give as much notice as
possible to the match Captain (or, in his absence, Vice-Captain or any Committee Member) of possible lateness or inability to attend. A member selected to play who is late for or does not attend the match without such notice shall be eligible for disciplinary measures.

6. Selection of team members shall be determined by the Captain and Vice- Captain, who shall have due regard to previous attendance when selected, playing ability and enthusiasm.

7. An Annual General Meeting of the Club, of which not less than twenty one days’ prior notice shall be given, shall be held once a year upon a date within fifteen months of the Annual General Meeting held in the previous year and at a time fixed by the Club Committee for the following purposes:

(a) To receive and adopt a financial report for the preceding year.

(b) To elect the Officers and other members of the Club Committee for the ensuing year.

(c) To consider such other business as shall have been communicated to the Secretary and included in the Notice of Meeting sent to him by the members.

(d) To consider any proposal relating to the affairs of the Club of which any member shall have given due notice and which shall have been duly seconded by another member (for this purpose, "due notice" shall mean notice in writing bearing the signatures of the proposer and seconder being in the hands of the Club Committee not less than seven days before the date of the meeting.)

8. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club, of which not less than seven days’ prior notice shall be given, may be called at any time by the Club Committee and shall be called forthwith upon the requisition of not less than eleven members stating the purposes for which the meeting is required.

9. Alterations to this Constitution may be made by a resolution carried by a two- thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting of the Club but no alteration shall be made which is inconsistent with the Objects of the Club or to this clause.

10. The Treasurer shall keep proper records of all monetary transactions on behalf of the Club and shall present an account of Club finances to the Annual General Meeting.

11. An Hon Auditor, who shall not be a serving member of the Management Committee, may be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Amended and approved at Annual General Meeting, 22 November 2018.