Dodgers v Barnesbury Eagles

Sunday 25 July 1999

Yet another non-event against the Eagles. Having struggled to get eleven people to Orpington for the second time in a month it was disappointing not to play a proper game again! Eagles managed to produce 5 - their Asian contingent. We therefore played an 8 a side practice (exhibition...?) match. Dodgers won the toss and batted first getting 107, highlights of which were Adey's 16 opening the batting, 30 not out from Priest and Crawford being run out by a direct hit for the third time in a week. Eagles plus Tony Whitrod, John Hilary and Jason Marchant's mate Mike (who's a bit good) got the runs easily in the end, the highlights being the fielding efforts of John Adey and Matt Leach. It's a story that really needs telling in a bar somewhere for full effect so if you weren't there you'll need to buy a drink for someone who was - let's just say it wasn't pretty!

Next year we'll have to seriously consider whether it's worth trekking all the way to Orpington and pissing off guest players when we don't get a proper game...