Dodgers v DTI Stumpless

Dodgers vs DTI Stumpless
20 Overs
Tuesday 20 July

Dodgers 82-6 (17.1) beat DTI Stumpless 81ao (19.5) by 4 wickets

A lacklustre game which we won with ease in the end...... but nerves were stretched along the way.

Acting captain Neil Priest lost the toss and we fielded, DTI having just seven present by 6.20pm. The opening spells contrasted sharply: Henry bowling four very tidy overs taking one for six and Andrew losing all his rhythm in the strong wind and conceding 15 from two. Replacing Andy, Kevin bowled beautifully initially making full use of the wind to assist his inswinger, but his three slightly wayward deliveries were all hit for boundaries to ruin his figures.

DTI's score mounted slowly against more tight bowling from John Hilary and they had reached 58-3 off 16 overs. Over number 17 from Phil McB will live in the memory of those present for a long time. Some indifferent deliveries were dispatched for four, but then Woods - DTI's only batsman of note - drove Phil to David Pope at mid-on. They set off for a single; David raised his right foot; we all got ready to curse another boundary; David lowered his right foot; the ball was trapped; he stooped; he picked it up; he underarmed it at the stumps; it hit them directly; and the batsman was duly run out. No words of mine can describe the Dodgers' reaction so I'll simply leave those not present to guess.

Woods had made a tedious 32 from 56 balls but DTI then lost more wickets - including a first for Matt Leach (thanks for the jugs!) - until That Man Pope bowled the final over. His fourth delivery (an excellent catch by Guy - it really was one of those freak games) and fifth delivery (bang on target) ended the DTI innings. We await his hat-trick ball against BSI next week!

Our innings began badly. After two wides and a four, Priest swung at yet another abysmal delivery and succeeded only in lifting it to mid-wicket. The partnership between Guy and Phil was 19 in seven overs, which was boring but not disastrous; the only highlight being Guy's somewhat eccentric running. At one point he turned down a single to the point boundary and waited until Phil got to within a yard of him to say so. The fact that Phil got back quite comfortably having completed 42 yards tells you something!

With Phil's dismissal to a catch by super sub John Hilary, Andy run out and Kevin being taken with an excellent catch, we were wobbling precariously at 44-5 with 13 overs gone. There was nothing to worry about. Some typically steady batting from Neil Benn and a rapid 20 from John - including 13 runs from his first four balls - saw us to the brink of victory which Henry completed. Bring on Barnsbury Eagles!

DTI Stumpless

Morgan b. H.Hilary 7
Woods run out (Pope) 32
Rosengarten b J Hilary 8
Stuart b Leach 9
Ed c. Westhead b Pope 7
Watson b Priest 1
Davies b Pope 6
Worsley not out 0
Extras (nb1, w8, b1, lb1) 11
Total (19.5 overs) 81 all out

Wickets: 1-19, 2-33, 3-49, 4-68, 5-69, 6-77, 7-77


H.Hilary 4-0-6-1
Crawford 2-0-15-0
Roper 4-1-14-0
Leach 2-0-10-1
J.Hilary 4-1-11-1
McBarron 1-0-12-0
Pope 1.5-0-9-2
Priest 1-0-1-1


Priest* c. Stuart b Watson 4 (5)
McBarron c. sub (J.Hilary) b Morgan 11 (29)
Westhead b Woods 8 (28)
Crawford run out 1 (1)
Benn+ not out 14 (21)
Roper c. b Watson 1 (2)
Hilary J. b Woods 20 (11)
Hilary H. not out 2 (2)
Extras (nb1, w15, b3, lb2) 21
Total (17.1 overs) 82 for 6

Did not bat: Pope, Leach, Brown

Wickets: 1-6, 2-25, 3-26, 4-43, 5-44, 6-80

Man-of-the-match: David Pope