Dodgers v Superstars

12 JULY 1999


Dodgers: 114-9, 20 Overs (Carr 33, Priest 20, Westhead 16, Mc Barron 13; Whitrod 5-20)
Superstars: 103-6, 20 Overs (Gundry 35 not out, Conway 20; Roper 1-7)

Match Report: Guy Westhead

An excellent win by Dodgers against the "old enemy". This was a fine team performance with the best ground fielding I've ever seen from a Dodgers side (with the exception of the last few deliveries in fading light) and superb clean hitting from captain John Carr. 50 runs in 6 overs between over 11 and 17 made all the difference with John scoring a high proportion.

We won the toss and batted. A reasonable start was made with 23 off the first 4 overs. Phil Mc Barron was out to an unusual dismissal for him - clean bowled attempting a slog. Guy Westhead alternated periods of obdurate defiance mostly against Gundry with the occasional good shot and was disappointed to see the inaccurate Ledger taken off after 2 overs. After 11 overs the score had slowed to 48. Having been dropped twice by Gigg and Meylor (the first a full-blooded slash to gully) he departed third time unlucky to a good catch by Taylor diving forward at point. This brought together Neil Priest and John Carr. John made a great start and did not look back scoring 4 fours and a six in his 33 inside 5 overs. Neil, in his first innings for several weeks, was content to play a supporting role. When these two departed with 4 overs left the innings went into a slump with only 11 scored off the last 4 overs and 6 wickets lost. The final score of 114 was good against a class side but not good enough... we thought. Whitrod took 5-20 but wickets were in truth sacrified in search of runs.

When Superstars opened their innings Conway began in style and Neil Benn's first 2 overs went for 16. But importantly Neil snapped up the wicket of Barry Gigg to a good catch by Kevin Roper. Wickets then fell steadily against some tight bowling with only 35 runs coming off 12 overs from Hilary, Roper and Adey. Dodgers' ground fielding was for once a revelation with scarcely any errors and good concentration by all. Let's keep it up boys and Cianne! There was a worrying period in mid-innings when it looked as though the weather might save Superstars as the gloom descended and drizzle began to fall. Fortunately this was not to last. After some plodding batting by Lomas and Barraclough in mid-innings Gundry and Carter came together with 14 an over needed off the last 4 overs. For one over they were equal to the task but 'old man'' Terry Carter took too much of the strike and they could not keep it up. Phil Mc Barron put in a cameo bowling appearance putting in a tidy solitary over for 6 runs near the end to seal Superstars' fate. Gundry looked a good prospect for Superstars remaining undefeated on 35 and whipping Cianne Brown and John Hilary to all parts.

All in all a fine victory. Shame we shared a changing room with the opposition and couldn't celebrate in style. This victory will give us valuable confidence for the rest of the season.


Dodgers Innings

McBarron b Taylor 13
Westhead ct Taylor b Marchant 16
Priest ct Gundry b Ledger 20
Carr ct Taylor b Whitrod 33
Roper ct Gundry b Whitrod 5
Benn ct Gundry b Whitrod 6
Hilary J ct Marchant b Whitrod 0
Adey J b Ledger 0
Hilary H b Whitrod 6
Matthews Not Out 3
Brown Not Out 0
Extras (b2, w8, lb1, nb 1) 12
Total 114 for 9

Gundry 4 0 12 0
Ledger 4 0 27 2
Taylor 4 0 18 1
Marchant 4 0 32 1
Whitrod 4 0 20 5

Superstars' Innings

Conway b Hilary (H) 20
Gigg ct Roper b Benn 3
Meyler Run Out 0
Lomas ct Hilary (J) b Roper 6
Barrowclough lbw b Hilary (J) 6
Carter Not Out 16
Taylor b Adey 4
Gundry Not Out 35
Extras (b2, w6, nb 2) 10
Total 103 for 6

Benn 2 0 16 1
Hilary H 4 1 12 1
Roper 4 1 7 1
Adey 4 0 16 1
Hilary J 4 0 27 1
McBarron 1 0 6 0
Brown 1 0 16 0