Sports Day 1999

Friday 23 July 1999

We got knocked out in the semi-final for the fourth year running. The first game was against One Ball in a Box, who we narrowly beat two years ago. This year was somewhat different. Knowing that we only needed 42 to qualify as one of the highest scoring losers, we won the toss and batted, before running up the second highest score of the day: 72 for 2 off five overs. This was despite Andrew Crawford being run out without facing off the first ball of the game and mainly due to guest ringer Paul Stimson smashing the required 42 on his own. Paul bats number 10 for Honour Oak in the Surrey Championship - which puts the rest of our efforts into perspective! Not much to say about their innings - 15 all out. A 57 run win in a five over game is always nice!

On to the quarter final against DSA, who had posted a big score in their first round game. We lost the toss and were put into bat. Paul dragged the first ball onto off stump - 0 for 1. This only set the stage for Andrew and Chris Jacobs to get the biggest score of the day - 73 for 1. Again we cruised through their innings and they could only manage 30 odd. So far so good.

Leaving the field and looking forward to a rest before the semi v Erotics (Bedford) we were told that we had two minutes before we had to start so that the final wouldn't be late. Despite protests that we at least needed to have time for a drink on a very hot and windless day Bedford were set to claim the game if we didn't start straight away (they'd had nearly an hour off). We won the toss, batted and got 49 - again mainly due to Paul, Andrew and Chris. Taking the field for the Bedford innings we stood around in the sun before finding out that Bedford had asked for, and been granted, a ten minute break between innings! We looked understandably jaded in the field and bowled too many wides (four runs apiece) and lost with three balls to go. Bedford were then given another half hour break before the final (which they went on to win).

A disappointing end to a good day's cricket. Although we lost to a better side (including a Bedfordshire Minor Counties player - casual AA...?) Graham Starkey from DOETRA has agreed that we should have been given a rest before the semi and has said he will be looking at the close relationship that Bedford have with the organisers for next year.....

Thanks to all those who came to support us and to the team: Paul Stimson, Chris Jacobs (superb 'keeping and batting all day), Andrew Crawford, John Adey, Phil McBarron, Kevin Roper and Neil Priest.

John Doyle's Old Codgers unfortunately went out in the first round to the Highways Agency by 4 runs. Their score of 40 was just one run short of a highest losers berth in the quarter finals. Superstars lost their first game - tee-hee.