AGM 1999 Minutes




John Adey
Andrew Crawford
Kim Matthews
Neil Benn
David Pope
Kevin Roper
John Doyle

1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 Apologies were received from John Carr (Captain), Phil McBarron (Committee Member), Sue Adey (Hon. Auditor), Sian Brown, Chris Jacobs, John Hilary, Henry Hilary, Guy Westhead and Simon Hewitt.

1.2 John Adey reported that the end of season social had been a success. Winners of the "serious" awards were:

Players’ Player: Kevin Roper
Batting: Neil Priest
Bowling: Henry Hilary
Fielding: Chris Jacobs
Most Improved Player: David Pope

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

Kevin Roper Neil Priest Henry Hilary Chris Jacobs David Pope

2.1 It was noted that the Treasurer’s Report was for 1997, not 1998. With this amendment the minutes were agreed.

3. Finance
Treasurer’s Report for 1998

3.1 A copy of the audited accounts is attached at Annex A.

3.2 Andrew Crawford reported that net income was slightly down but the bank balance was still healthy. The main reason for the fall was the reduced subscription.

Honorary Auditor’s Report

3.3 The accounts had been audited. Sue Adey had had no comments to make.

4. Election of Officers for 2000:

4.1 All officers were re-elected. For 2000 they will therefore be:

Chairman - John Adey
Treasurer - Andrew Crawford
Secretary - Neil Priest
Committee Member - Phil McBarron
Committee Member - Kim Matthews
Captain - John Carr
Vice-Captain - Neil Priest
Honorary Auditor - Sue Adey

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2000

5.1 It was agreed that membership should remain at £5 and that match fees would be £3 a game.

6. Selection Policy for 2000

6.1 It was agreed that the best eleven should be selected each week but that nobody should have to miss two matches in a row.
Action: John Carr/Neil Priest. 7. Fixtures:

7.1 It was agreed that there should be no more fixtures against Barnsbury Eagles as they had proved to be too unreliable. John Adey would speak to John Hassall about this. Action: John Adey.

7.2 Medroc M25 wanted to play at least one fixture. Members who knew of other teams who wanted fixtures were asked to e-mail the details to John Adey. Action: Members.

7.3 It was agreed that home games at Regent’s Park should be avoided if possible.

7.4 It was agreed that the same balance of evening, afternoon and weekend games should be kept for 2000.

7.5 It was agreed that teas at Chiswick were a rip-off. If the opposition agreed, players would be responsible for providing their own teas at Chiswick.

7.6 John Adey would send out an e-mail asking for a volunteer to organise the fixtures for 2000. This would include details of what was involved. Action: John Adey.

8. Averages for 2000

8.1 It was agreed that the averages should be circulated after every four games. David Pope proposed that they should include run outs. This was agreed. Action: Phil McBarron.

8.2 Members were reminded of the need to produce match reports in good time – preferably before the next match.

9. Closed Season Activities

Winter Nets

9.1 Nets had been booked at the Oval. Andrew Crawford would circulate details nearer the time. It was agreed that they should no longer be subsidised by the club this year.

Action: Andrew Crawford. Social Events

9.2 The horse racing evening had been a social if not financial success. The end of season social had also been reasonably well attended. However, members were reminded of the need to support any events that were organised.

10. Any Other Business

10.1 Neil Benn agreed to organise availability charts for next season.
Action: Neil Benn.

10.2 Membership fees were to be paid from 1 January 2000.
Action: Andrew Crawford to remind members.

10.3 Kevin Roper agreed to place an advert for members on the Infonet.
Action: Kevin Roper.

10.4 John Adey proposed that John Doyle should become a honorary life member of the club. This was carried.

10.5 It was agreed that the kit bag would be sorted out at the first winter net session. Neil Priest and Sian Brown had bought new wicket-keeping gloves – although they had not yet arrived from Malaysia! Kevin Roper had bought rubbers for the bat handles and would buy inners for the wicket keeping gloves.

Action: Kevin Roper.

11. Date of Next Meeting

11.1 It was agreed that the next AGM should be in March 2000, so that the accounts could be considered closer to the financial year in question.

Dodgers CC December 1999