Dodgers v POC



A close game which went unfinished because of a combination of failing light and intermittent heavy rain showers which rendered the pitch unsafe for bowling. Once again prospects for finishing the game were made worse by a late start and slightly more unusually a slow over rate (POC took 1 hour 25 minutes to bowl their 20 overs and Dodgers had taken 1 hour 10 to bowl 16.1 when the end came, admittedly including a 3 minute break for a rain shower). Though the start was earlier than the previous week’s game had been (6.15pm) the question does surely arise of whether players should be fined (or otherwise penalised) for late arrival at the ground (whoops the captain might have to fine himself, I blundered again).

On the cricketing front Dodgers innings was dominated by good, steady, responsible batting from the nearly-always dependable (thanks be to God) Priest who scored 60 not out and a good opening spell by Benn who took the field with the Opposition along with Hilary (J) as the Oppo were 3 players short. Each side therefore had 10 players. All our bowlers gave a good performance with Crawford impressing particularly and working up a decent pace. We certainly had the edge when the game was called off and we can regard ourselves as robbed of what would have been a hat trick of victories (life is full of "would have beens"!)


Priest called correctly and decided Dodgers should bat opening himself with Westhead as partner. Their solid opening partnership of the last game was not to be repeated with the latter succombing second ball to one that moved away off the seam and he was bowled for a duck. Mc Barron kept Priest company for a while until chasing a widish ball he was unlucky to be spectacularly caught at the wicket by D’Cruz who made a marvellous leap to the right to take the catch - the best wicketkeeping yours truly has seen in Dodgers games (sorry Kim).

Therafter wickets fell fairly steadily although Roper made a good contribution (15) as usual in good time. Priest soldiered on manfully in less than ideal conditions - the ball was zipping around quite a bit and the wicket became increasingly sticky. Priest's innings of 60 not out was well adapted to the conditions as he restrained himself from some of the more elaborate shots he is capable of to reduce the risk of his dismissal and hence for the good of the side. Although only making 7 and 6 not out Patterson and Crawford respectively kept Priest good company. The finishing total of 121-6 was well up to par in the conditions. In the bowling department both Benn and Patterson emerged with 2 for 15 in their 4 overs.

When POC batted Crawford and Patterson started well with fairly hostile yet accurate opening spells. Comment cannot be avoided though on Patterson’s run-up which at 30 yards or so did not exactly help Dodgers get through the overs quickly. Patterson soon had Byson back in the hutch to a good catch by Mc Barron and then Henderson fell to Crawford. Benn made 11 in usual competent nurdling fashion. But the best opposition batting was undoubtedly by Stacey who made 52. Stacey was caught by Priest off Samuels off what transpired to be the last ball of the game. No opposition player was in any hurry to join Whitrod who had not been long at the crease himself. With the rain pelting down at this stage the umpire called off proceedings. In truth the failing light was every bit as dangerous for all concerned as the increasingly slippery surface. 5 minutes after the players had trundelled off the light improved and the rain stopped but by then it would have been too late to complete the last 4 overs.

Outcome: No result.


Westhead b Benn 0
Priest NOT OUT 60
Mc Barron ct D’Cruz b Benn 16
Samuels RUN OUT 0
Sandamas ct (Somebody) b Hilary 0
Roper b Beckham 15
Patterson b Beckham 7
Crawford NOT OUT 6
Extras (1nb, 12w, 3b, 1lb) 17
Total (off 20 overs) 121-6

DNB: Cooper, Matthews

Fall of wickets 1-0, 2-25, 3-44, 4-47, 5-74, 6-104


Benn 4-0-15-2
Newtion 4-0-21-0
Hilary (J) 4-0-30-1
Whitrod 3-0-21-0
Beckham 4-0-15-2
Henderson 1-0-11-0


Bryson c Mc Barron b Patterson 2
Stacey c Priest b Samuels 52
Henderson c Sub (Hilary) b Crawford 0
Benn b Roper 11
D’Cruz c Mc Barron b Roper 0
Bathmaker c Samuels b Cooper 6
Whitrod NOT OUT 1
Extras (14w, 1b) 15
Total (off 16.1 overs) 86-6


Crawford 4-0-18-1
Patterson 4-0-21-1
Roper 4-0-22-2
Cooper 4-0-22-1
Samuels 0.1-0-0-1

Rain/Bad light stopped play - no result


MATCH REPORT WRITER’S OLD WOMAN OF THE WEEK AWARD: CRAWFORD (for general grumpiness about the field and for his post-match email about reducing the amount of banter on the email). Please take it in good heart Andrew!


"That was a jaffa" (Benn referring to D’Cruz’s catch to dismiss McBarron)
"I don’t think I'll bother combing my hair" (and some other words I didn’t catch) McBarron in the changing rooms.