Dodgers v MOD

4TH JULY 2000

Match Reporter – John S Adey (after Sydney H Pardon*)


Played at Chiswick, July 4 1900

A lot of rain having fallen and cloud, combined with a late finish in the murk, batsmen on both sides found themselves in the greatest difficulties except for Mr McBarron the Yorkshire amateur who played a capital innings to win the game for the Dodgers Gentlemen. It was a pity that the unsporting War Dept. players accused Mr McBarron of retiring simply to protect his average of over a hundred. What rot ! All present could testify to Mr McBarron’s heavily damaged hair as the reason he left the field.

The game began after six o’clock and Dodgers got WDs first four wickets down in short measure after some capital bowling by Mr Rodney Patterson and Major Crawford (Charterhouse 3rd XI 1877). The Dodgers fielded splendidly and held all their catches except for Mr Benn who missed an easy catch off the bowling of Mr Adey who remarked acidly "don’t worry lad we’ll get him in no time". The absolutely most marvellous catch was produced by Mr Matthews behind the stumps. The WD made only 76 runs in total with the invited Marchant and the Hon M Leach contributing greatly to their batting collapse.

When Dodgers time came to bat Mr McBarron and Mr Westhead hit up a goodly start although Mr Westhead looked anxious to get run out to avoid the gloom. Mr Westhead seemed to be suffering a deficiency in his batting spending much time compiling fourteen runs. What a contrast this offered to another wretched innings by Mr Sandamas who could find no form at all. After Mr McBarron retired, Mr Benn and the splendid Captain – Lt Col Carr hit off the remaining runs. Overall the WD team cut a poor figure in the field.

* SH Pardon – editor of Wisden 1880 - 1915


Morgan lbw b Crawford 1
O’Brien b Patterson 9
Donnan c Matthews b Crawford 0
Willie lbw b Adey 1
Firmin c Patterson b Marchant 19
Fleming lbw b Leach 3
Bamber run out (Marchant) 23
Redpath c McBarron b Marchant 3
Channan c Leach b Marchant 0
Dennison not out 3
Strutton b Leach 3
Extras (nb3, w2, b4 lb2) 12
TOTAL (all out) 76


Mr Paterson 4-1-8-1
Mr Crawford 4-1-5-2
Mr Adey 4-0-20-1
Mr Leach 3.1-0-19-2
Mr Marchant 3-0-15-3


Mr McBarron retired 43
Mr Westhead lbw b Bamber 14
Mr Sandamas b Firmin 0
Mr Benn not out 4
Mr Carr not out 1
Extras (nb5 w6 b5) 16


Channan 4-1-13-0
Dennison 4-1-4-0
Bamber 2.5-0-18-1
Strutton 4-0-21-0
Firmin 4-0-13-1