Dodgers v DCMS


A day where dodgers got out there and got busy with doing what they do best "Winning".

Our all mighty JC strode out to do the pitch inspection, brimming with confidence (some had whispered it was the three pints before hand and not the quality of the side that brought on this emotion).

From the make shift pavilion, dodgers watched the rise and fall of the coin, wishing that the Capt., would get one right and we would field in the second half of the game, as the sun and heat was taking its toll on the British in the side.

JC turns from the pitch with his head down (another loss toss) and suddenly the dodgers we seen scampering for water as we knew we were to take the field for the first half, and by the efforts in the field later on in the day, showed we should of been some where, any where else then fielding in an Oval, where safe hands and technique were unspoken words during most of the dodger fielding.

This is where it seemed that the Skips bad luck had ended. Bringing Paterson on with the opening over, with the usual fire in his eye and a passion to suit, banging balls in all over the wicket, causing the batsmen to call for a new supply of nappies to catch the excess caused by the Blond Haired Bandit. From the other end, Roper, with an eight of the size of Paterson's run up(DCMS must of thought this was the Loral and Hardy show), but never the less an equal amount of fear was produced in the oppositions eyes as Roper with his custom inswingers and newly developed outswingers, landing them on the spot and causing more trouble than a Japanese phrase book in Greece.

The two lads keeping the run rate to a minimum, with excellent bowling spells. Roper was rewarded in his second over with the wicket of McCowan who looked a lot more comfortable out in the field later in the day after a change of briefs.

Paterson egged on by Roper at the change of ends took his solemn wicket with the help of Matthews gloving it perfectly, and was unlucky not to have another when our beloved VC (Priest) thought that he would give the opposition a hand in putting down a dolly in the slips, which JC than thought it better to place him where the ball might come to him a bit slower, (like out near the bar). Roper was rewarded again through his consistence. Two wickets for Roper and two boundaries to help his temper along through some unhealthy fielding which would have produced better figures for the big guy.

With Paterson rested, a new bowler was to come storming in, Crawford was his name, kept it tight he did too, for an over or two. 20 overs came and Dodgers having held DCMs to 65, should not have taken the drinks break as the batsmen had magic potion, with Dodgers drinking something from the Thames if the second half performance was anything to go on.

With Drinks done and dusted the Dodgers set out to keep the opposition to a low total, with the sun setting behind the ever appearing clouds the fielding technique should have been on the improve.

Crawford and Benn took up the bowling duties, but with Graffie settled at the crease and seeing the ball like a young lad on the beach spotting sets of white pointers, Graffie found the runs easy to come by and a dot ball became unfamiliar to the scores.

Crawford being told to have a Kit Kat, Bultitude took the well beaten ball, bowled a couple of tight overs and even had Graffie walking back to the pavilion until the Skip realised that he didn't have his bucket with him and was unable to hold the catch. Benn from the other end struggled to find line and length and bowled out his overs with a run rate that he would rather see next to his batting figures rather than his bowling figures never the less picked up a wicket.

The Skip decided to rest Bultitude and bring back Crawford who picked up a wicket on the way to completing his 8 overs. Leach took the place of Benn, not much difference in the pace of the bowling for the batsmen just Leach had a quicker ball that Matthew's found harder to handle than a hot potato. Leach & Benn later teamed up well to engineer a run out, but DCMs were well settled and seen out there 40 overs with 181 on the board, looking smug DCMs thought that this total would see them through.

Bultitude and McBarron were sent out to get us off to a go start, but with Bultitude swatting at the ball like he had a chop stick in his hand it looked like the evening was going to be a long one. Mc Baron played his usual steady roll as the anchorman and knocking the ball around nicely, until, he waltzed halfway down the pitch where the ball struck him on the front pad (where some one shouted Howz that!!! The umpire in shock from the noise, thought they said " Lager is that" rose is finger, for yes I'll have one, leaving McBarron walking back to the team with amazement written all over his face.

With McBarron gone, and Bultitude finally seeing the ball, he started to find the boundary on a regular occasion the field was quiet quick, which made the boundaries alot easier to come by, a little easier that stay out of the way from the visually challenge umpires that seemed to be standing at either ends of the wicket. Priest in the same frame of mind as Bultitude who had struggled to find runs next to his name, had no problem out there today, playing some glorious strokes, and for this writer was man of the match. The run rate quickened and by the 18th over, the score was at the 120 mark with Bultitude notching up another 50, and Priest not far behind, Bultitude at 59 had a ton on his mind, but others had different ideas as yet again a shout for leg before came and with the visually impaired umpires looking any where but at the wicket, went to the guide dog for help and with more shouts than a Bon Jovi concert, the umpire got catch up, raised the finger and Bultitude was gone not to mention liveried.

To replace him was Cooper, with a quick fire 7, he was catch behind to end his days play. Carr was next up and with runs being seen next to his name on a regular occasion was no stranger out there today, but it was Priest who was conducting this Band today, and played many of his favourites, grabbing his 50 in fine fashion and ending the day with 72 not out and hitting the winning runs. Well done Neil.

The Dodgers over all performance was good although the fielding needs some attention and I'm sure that people getting out to play the next match will be looking to redeem them selves. Once again Dodgers WELL DONE, a convincing win.


Mitchell ct. Matthews b Paterson 2
McCowan b Roper 5
Scott b Benn 48
Robson b Roper 0
Graffie not out 79
Brand b Crawford 1
Fitzgerald not out 9
extras 15
total 181

dnb: Gillan, Marks, Jackson


Paterson 8 4 16 1
Roper 8 1 29 2
Crawford 8 1 51 1
Benn 8 0 45 1
Bultitude 4 1 18 0
Leach 4 0 23 0

Dodgers Batting

McBarron LBW b Gillam 11
Bultitude LBW b Fitzgerald 59
Priest not out 72
Cooper ct W/K b Fitzgerald 7
Carr not out 10
extras 13
total 185

dnb: Benn, Leach, Roper, Paterson, Crawford, Matthews

Bond 6 0 30 0
Scott 6 0 33 0
Gillam 7 0 52 1
Fitzgerald 8 3 26 2
Jackson 2 0 13 0
Marks 3.1 1 16 0