Dodgers v ORR

Dodgers v ORR
Wednesday 30th August 2000

Toss ?
Result: Dodgers won by 29 runs
Start 17:40
Finish: in near darkness

Reporter Nick Sandamas

Well the Dodgers continued their good run of late with a comfortable win over ORR by 29 runs in a game where the opposition were struggling to keep up with the run rate.

The Dodgers took to the crease first with Bultitude and Priest the first 2 batsman and they started like a house on fire with them punishing every poor ball bowled to them, extras also increasing the total.

After 12 overs the Dodgers raced to 126 without loss at almost 11 an over. Bultitude and Priest both completed their 50s, so they retired giving McBarron and Captain Carr a chance in the middle, but McBarron was first man out having scored 7 being bowled by Bulman (McBarron must have been thinking of Yorkshire v Surrey). Joy on the faces of ORR, as they finally managed to take a wicket even though it took nearly 14 overs to achieve it. 126 for 1.

Number 5 John Cooper came out onto the middle to partner Carr who was still unbeaten. Cooper didn't last long as in the 16th over was bowled by Bryant for 2. 143 for 2, so in came Mr (never scored a run) Sandamas. Sandamas looked nervous as he was chasing that first ever run in a Dodgers shirt, but alas it did come after 4 balls (and the small crowd were cheering). That was Sandamas's only run as he was caught off a superb catch by Ahmed off the bowling of Lake. 151 for 3 with 2 overs remaining. Carr (15 n/o) and Rolls (3 n/o) took the score up to 155 for 3 leaving the visitors 156 to win off 20 overs at nearly 8 an over.

So now the turn round. The Dodgers took to the field with Benn and Adey opening the bowling. ORR needed to score fast. However the breakthrough came in only the 3rd over with Benn taking the wicket of Ahmed LBW for 2.(where's the red line?, Simon Hughes where are you). In the very next over Couch was bowled by the so called spin of Adey for 1 and the score was 9 for 2. The Dodgers kept the bowling very tight with the score moving slowly to 35 for 2 off 7 overs still requiring another 122 off 13 for victory with 8 wickets left. In Adey's last over he took the wicket of Bulman for 22, a good stumping by the Cat (Matthews) 36 for 3. With Adey and Benn now bowled out, in came Pope & Cooper. Cooper didn't take a wicket in his 4 overs but had good figures of 0 for 20. The score had moved on to 79 for 3 when Pope took the dangerous Bryant for 41 caught by Cooper. 79 for 4 off 14 overs.

Rolls and Sandamas took over the bowling for the remaining 4 overs. 1 more wicket fell in almost fading light. Lake stumped by McBarron for 5 (where was Kim?) in the very last ball of the match.

So ORR finished on 126 for 5 to lose by 29 runs. Joyce retired on 23.

So a good way to end August.


Bultitude Retired 50
Priest Retired 51
McBarron b Bulman 7
Carr Not out 15
Cooper b Nathan 2
Sandamas c Ahmed b Lake 1
Rolls Not out 3
Extras (22nb/w, 4b) 26
Total (20 overs) 155 for 3

Wickets 1-123, 2-143, 3-151


Bryant 2-0-9-0
Japan 3-0-31-0
Ahmed 4-0-27-0
Couch 2-0-30-0
Bulman 4-0-22-1
Nathan 4-0-28-1
Lake 1-0-4-1


Ahmed LBW b Benn 2
Byrant c Cooper b Adey 41
Couch b Adey 1
Bulman St Matthews b Adey 22
Joyce Retired 23
Gulf-Mannion St McBarron b Sandamas 13
Lake Not out 5
Extras (18 n/b/w), 1b) 19
Total (20 overs) 126 for 5

Wickets 1-8 ,2-9, 3-35, 4-79, 5-126


Benn 4-0-14-1
Adey 4-0-30-2
Cooper 4-0-20-0
Pope 4-0-27-1
Rolls 2-0-17-0
Sandamas 2-0-17-1

Man of the match: Darren Bultitude