Dodgers v Buckhurst Hill


Result – Dodgers lost by 130 (or 134 or 136 – the score book doesn’t add up) runs.

We fielded first on a hot afternoon. Our opening bowlers struggled to find their line and length and the Buck Hill batsmen attacked from the start, with some powerful hitting. We weren’t helped by some undistinguished fielding, with several misfields and two dropped catches. They weren’t easy looking into the sun but we have held sharper chances this year. I own up to being one of the culprits. Several Dodgers were feeling the effects of Neil Priest’s stag do the day before. I have no such excuse but the sun was very bright and the ball came out of it like a Spitfire.

Buck Hill passed 50 with no discernible worries but things looked up when we changed bowlers. Mike Coronno, an athletic-looking New Zealander, had already impressed us with his fielding and he bowled with hostility and accuracy, taking a deserved three wickets. From the other end John Hilary was also accurate and our fielding improved, keeping the run rate down. The arrival of Gatty to the crease was worrying, as we remembered his powerful hitting from the year before. He continued in that vein but we stuck to the task, with Phil bowling particularly well. I took much less punishment than might have been expected and actually beat Gatty through the air a couple of times (honestly I did).

Buck Hill scored 186 in their two and a half hours at the crease (or 184 or 180, depending on which way you add up the score book). This was better than looked likely at one stage and we felt we were in with a chance. Acting captain Neil Priest decided he didn’t want to bat and put himself at nine, telling the openers he expected them to get the runs.

This didn’t last long. In the first game last year we noted a young fast bowler playing for the opposition. Woolf was quick then but took no wickets and went off after a few overs. This year he tore us apart. He bowled off a long run-up with tremendous pace and moved the ball in off the seam. Before long we were eleven for four and the match was effectively over. Woolf didn’t do the sporting thing and go off to give us a chance but kept tearing in. Phil looked a little more comfortable against him and was a bit surprised to be given out LBW. Only Tony Whitrod showed some aggression, with a terrific six that had the Adey family scurrying for cover. Neil Priest came in at nine and delayed the inevitable as long as he could, doing his best to keep the rest of us away from Judge Jeffries.

The game was over before 6pm. Our only consolations were that no-one was killed and we won’t have to face Vlad the Impaler again. Surely he’ll be playing for the Buck Hill 1st or 2nd teams next year (we hope). He claimed to be a mere 16. Perhaps we could arrange a fixture for them v Superstars and see how Gundry likes it up him...

Person of the match – Mike Coronno.

PS someone in the next section has just described someone as 'crying wolf'. I wish they wouldn't use that expression.

Buckhurst Hill 3rd team innings

O’Neill ct Brown b Coronno 50
Roper b Coronno 25
Anthony lbw b McBarron 23
Gatty b Coronno 53
Atkinson b McBarron 0
Ishmail ct Adey b Pope 0
Smith not out 3
Extras (nb7, w14, b4, lb1) 26
Total 186 for 6*
(*or 184 or 180)


Crawford 7 – 1 - 32 – 0
Benn 5 - 1 - 25 – 0
Hilary 6 – 1 – 27 - 0
Coronno 9 – 0 – 27 – 3
Adey 5 – 0 – 25 – 0
Pope 4 – 0 – 26 – 1
McBarron 5 – 0 – 17 – 2

Dodgers innings (do you really want to read this ?)

McBarron lbw b Woolf 5
Adey b Woolf 0
Coronno b Woolf 0
Cooper b Woolf 0
Benn b Woolf 5
Whitrod b Ishmail 18
Hilary ct a n other b Woolf 2
Crawford b Woolf 0
Priest b Ishmail 5
Pope b Woolf 2
Brown not out 0
Extras (nb1, w2, b9, lb1) 13
Total 50


Attila the Hun 11 – 3 – 16 - 8
Brickell 5 – 0 – 14 – 0
Ishmail 5.4 – 2 – 10 – 2