AGM 2000 Minutes

DODGERS CRICKET CLUB : ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2000 5:30pm, Friday 9 February 2001
Whitehall Suite, Chadwick Street Recreation Centre


John Adey
Andrew Crawford
Phil McBarron
Kim Matthews
Neil Priest
Sian Priest
Jude Brierley
John Doyle
Nick Sandamas
Darren Bultitude
Kevin Roper
Guy Westhead
Matt Leach
John Cooper


1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 John Adey welcomed members to the belated AGM for 2000. The club had had a very successful year and had been undefeated in evening games. The selection policy had also worked well.

2.2 Apologies had been received from Neil Benn, Sean Birch, Christopher Birch, David Pope, Jon-Paul Samuels, Rod Paterson, John Hilary and Simon Hewitt.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

2.1 These were agreed.

3. Finance

3.1 The accounts for 1999 had been agreed by Sue Adey and a copy is attached. The meeting thanked Andrew Crawford and Sue for their work.

3.2 The accounts for 2000 had been prepared and would be agreed at the next AGM in the Autumn. Copies were available from Andrew Crawford. Andrew reported that the club was currently £565.25 in credit, although we had yet to receive an invoice from Chiswick for pitches booked over and above last year’s block booking.

3.3 It was agreed that the club should spend slightly more money on match balls to improve the quality.

4. Election of Officers for 2001:
4.1 All officers were re-elected unopposed as follows:

Chairman - John Adey
Treasurer - Andrew Crawford
Secretary - Neil Priest
Committee Member - Phil McBarron
Committee Member - Kim Matthews
Captain - John Carr
Vice-Captain - Neil Priest
Honorary Auditor - Sue Adey

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2001

5.1 It was agreed that membership should be £5.00. The match fees would be £3.00 for evening games and £3.50 for afternoon games (with an additional charge where teas were provided.

6. Selection Policy for 2001

6.1 It was agreed that the same selection policy as in 2000 should be followed. The best eleven should be selected each week but that nobody should have to miss two matches in a row, but that John Carr and Neil Priest should take account of the opposition’s strength when selecting side (ie. the stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected).

7. Fixtures:

7.1 It was noted that Kim Matthews had started to arrange the fixtures for the coming season.

7.2 It was agreed that Kim should try and arrange two games in weeks where we would be
playing weak opposition such as BOCs and that in week’s where an afternoon game had been arranged an evening game should also be arranged. Members also asked if a couple of Sunday matches could be arranged early and late in the season.

7.3 It was noted that “proper” teams arranged their fixtures much earlier than most of our opposition. For example, Buckhust Hill would need to be contacted in September/October to arrange the fixtures for the following season. Kevin Roper agreed to look into the availability of Eltham for the home fixture against Buckhurst Hill.

8. Changes to the Laws

8.1 It was noted that most of the Laws had been changed. Sian Priest had agreed to prepare a list of the changes and distribute this to members. (Note: now done).

8.2 It was agreed that the effects of the changes would need to be carefully considered.

9. Any Other Business

9.1 Nets: Darren Bultitude and Kevin Roper asked if the Oval nets could be “streamed” by ability. This would have been difficult to achieve given the availability of different players for different nets. It was also agreed that it would be better to mix the abilities of players in the nets so that the weaker players could have the chance to improve. It was also noted that members should make more of an effort to arrive at the Oval on time.

9.2 Awards: The following awards for 2000 were presented:

Players' Player - Darren Bultitude
Batting - Phil McBarron
Bowling - Rod Paterson
Fielding - Kim Matthews
Most Improved Player - Matt Leach

10.1 It was agreed that the next AGM would be in October/November 2001.
Dodgers CC February 2001

10. Date of Next Meeting