Dodgers v Highways Agency

22 May 2001

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bowl

Highways Agency: 90/9 off 20.0 overs (Nick H 32, Benn 3 – 16, Crawford 1 - 9)
Dodgers: 91/1 off 16.1 overs (Coronno 39*)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Mike Coronno

The sun continued to shine for Dodgers 2nd game as did our form. Still on a high from our annihilation of St Andrews, we comprehensively stuffed Highways Agency.

Highways fielded some new and some familiar faces and the assumption was that they would provide stiffer batting opposition than St Andrews. This however was not the case as, with the exception of opener Nick H., no-one looked dangerous. Tight bowling from Crawford and new find Cousins and an inspired spell from Benn (4-0-16-3) supported by the always reliable Hilary meant that Highways found runs hard to come by. Only the introduction of Adey eased the pressure. In fact it eased it so much that opener Nick H. had a rush of blood and in attempting to hit the “curry maestro” into Chiswick High Street was clean bowled. Highlights of an excellent Dodgers fielding display were the run out of Paresh (thanks Mr Whitrod) by Carr - although even he admitted he had time for a fag before returning the ball over the stumps - and Coronno’s excellent catch taken 3 inches off the ground whilst falling forward (Mike explained this was due in part to him just having donned his poseur sunglasses and consequently not being exactly sure where the ball was).

The Highways total of 90 looked comfortably achievable and this proved to be the case. In the absence of McBarron, Bultitude and Coronno opened the batting and despite tight bowling by Yogesh and Gareth, looked likely to reach the total without losing either wicket. Unfortunately this was not to be as Bultitude attempting to hit the cover off the ball through mid-wicket and the resident fielder's head, was miraculously caught by Peter (the said fielder) in an act of self preservation (he admitted afterwards that he couldn't feel his hand for the next 3 overs!). Coronno, now partnered by an unusually cautious Priest, eventually dispensed with his helmet and proceeded to punish the bowling with some excellent shots. The required total was reached in 16.1 overs and Coronno ended on 39 not out.

Another enjoyable game. If we play like this for the remainder of the season we'll definitely win more than we lose.

Kim Matthews

Conversation of the game (allegedly and with some poetic licence):

Coronno: "Umpire, can I have middle please."
Adey (for it was he): "Ginger?"
Coronno: "An inch?"
Adey: "Never heard of him."

Thank God they’re not blind as well!

Highways Agency

Nick H. b Adey 32
Brian S. b Crawford 12
Mike W. b Cousins 4
Peter b Benn 13
Paresh Run out (Carr) 6
Tony Whitrod b Hilary 7
Jason Marchant b Benn 0
Martin c Coronno b Benn 2
Matthew b Hilary 1
Gareth Not Out 2
Yogesh Not Out 1
Extras (b1, lb0, w9, nb0) 10
Total (20.0 overs) 90 for 9 wkts

Crawford 4 2 9 1
Cousins 4 1 15 1
Hilary 4 0 20 2
Adey 4 0 29 1
Benn 4 0 16 3


Bultitude c. Peter b. Gareth 14
Coronno Not out 39
Priest Not Out 14
Extras (B7, Lb2, W13, Nb 2) 24
Total (16.1 overs) 91 for 1 wkt

Did not bat: Cooper, Carr, Matthews, Adey, Cousins, Crawford, Benn, Hilary

Yogesh 3 0 9 0
Gareth 3 0 16 1
Paresh 4 0 21 0
Peter 2 0 11 0
Mike 2 0 21 0
Martin 1.1 0 3 0
Brian 1 0 1 0

Man of the Match: Mike Coronno

Dodgers won by 9 wickets