Dodgers v St Andrews

20 May 2001

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bowl

St Andrews: 93/9 off 40.0 overs (Bratton 21*, Elston 20, Crawford 2-6, Cousins 2-10) Dodgers: 94/3 off 29.0 overs (Bultitude 36, Coronno 15, Carr J 2-24)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Darren Bultitude

Ah, the English summer! Dodgers finally managed to beat the rain and get a game in. We also managed to beat St Andrews out of sight.

Having heard from Neil Benn how weak St Andrews were, and having fallen for that old trick before, Dodgers took no chances and put St Andrews in to bat. However, Neil was true to his word and an excellent opening spell by Paterson and Crawford had the game won almost from the start – St Andrews 11/3 off 10. As usual in Dodgers games Paterson bowled some beauties that the opposition openers were just not good enough to get a touch on – although Neil Benn will no doubt claim them as "good leaves"! The opening attack was well supported by the change bowlers, especially Simon Cousins who had a brilliant debut turning in figures of 8-3-10-2. Releasing the grip on the jugular slightly we managed to feed St Andrews a few runs and get them up to 93/9 off their full allocation of 40 overs.

The now familiar opening pair of McBarron and Bultitude were both strangely subdued at the start of Dodgers' reply. Phil's early season form remains not so much in a trough as in the Grand Canyon and despite having the same initials and passport as the late Don, Darren looked more Estelle than Bradman. Only 6 runs were accumulated off the first 9 accurate overs from Benn (!) and Elston. The introduction of Clark into the attack saw the required acceleration until Phil hit a four ball straight into square leg's hands – sod's law proving once again that when you're out of form nothing goes right. Equally, class will out and Darren was soon striking the ball as cleanly as ever and looking like the opposition would never get him out.......

Mike Coronno gave us a taste of things to come later in the season smashing a quick 15 before dancing down the track once too often and finding himself stranded and giving Sian one of her easier stumping decisions. It was then left to your humble reporter to do what St Andrews could not and run Darren out for 36. This is not something I would recommend as I still have the bruises from the after match post mortem of the incident. Despite this hiccup we never looked like losing by this time and a quick cameo from Paterson at the end saw us home easily.

Despite the ease of the victory this was an enjoyable game and hopefully we can repeat the fixture next season. Highways and DCMS should prove tougher this week but if we play as well as this we will be very hard to beat.

Thanks to everyone who dragged themselves to Croydon for the game, including the supporters, and especially David Pope who played for the opposition.

Neil Priest

Quote of the week, or the benefits of a decent education:
Jude: "Rod, so if I said to you Ragazzi! Come state? How would you respond?"
Andrew: "I didn't know you were learning Spanish Rod....."

20 May 2001
John Ruskin Ground, Croydon
Toss: Dodgers


Burridge b Crawford 1
Benn b Hilary 3
Clark M b Crawford 2
Elston c&b Cousins 20
Betts b Hilary 6
Nutman b Cousins 1
Clark J c. Coronno b Leach 2
Simons c&b Cooper 8
Pope c. Priest b Leach 0
Bratton Not Out 25
Segal Not Out 11
Extras (b2, lb0, w12, nb1) 15
Total (40.0 overs) 93 for 9 wkts

1-2 (Burridge)
2-9 (Benn)
3-10 (Clark M)
4-17 (Betts)
5-22 (Nutman)
6-39 (Elston)
7-42 (Clark J)
8-42 (Pope)
9 - 63 (Simons)

Paterson 4 1 3 0
Crawford 6 1 6 2 (2 wides, 1 no ball)
Hilary 6 1 27 2
Cousins 8 3 10 2 (1 wide)
Leach 8 1 25 2 (3 wides)
Cooper 8 1 20 1 (6 wides)


McBarron c. Simons b. Carter J 8
Bultitude Run Out 36
Coronno st. Clark M b. Clark J 15
Priest Not Out 17
Paterson Not Out 8
Extras (b3, lb0, w6, nb1) 10
Total (29.0 overs) 94 for 3 wkts

Did not bat: Cooper, Hilary, Matthews, Leach, Cousins, Crawford

1-26 (McBarron)
2-42 (Coronno)
3-75 (Bultitude)

Benn 6 1 8 0
Elston 4 3 2 0
Clark J 6 1 24 2 (1 wide)
Betts 4 1 16 0
Segal 4 0 20 0 (3 wides)
Nutman 4 0 16 0 (2 wides, 1 no ball)
Pope 1 0 4 0

Man of the Match: Darren Bultitude

Dodgers won by 7 wickets