Dodgers v BSI

Dodgers fielded first by mutual agreement.

BSI: 68 All out off 19.3 overs (Michael 41, Crawford 4–13, Adey 4-14)
Dodgers: 69/2 off 13.4 overs (Bultitude Ret’d 29)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Andrew Crawford

With the draw of England’s World Cup qualifier against Greece awaiting at the bar, Captain Neil Priest decided to bowl to try and get the game finished as soon as possible. This could have backfired if BSI had performed as well as in previous years but this did not prove to be the case and Dodgers pulled off an easy victory.

Denied the A pitch booked by BSI by a team from the Home Office who staged an illegal occupation, we all trooped round to the B pitch which proved to be dry and hard and the outfield fast. Opening with Crawford from the pavilion end, Dodgers got off to a perfect start with two wickets falling in the first over to some sharp and accurate bowling, the second to a catch by Priest running forward from slip off a ball which reached the batsman just below shoulder height (I kid you not). A quiet over from Cousins at the other end then Crawford pulled off the same again in his second over, taking a further two wickets clean bowled: his figures were 4 for 3 at that point. Failing to take a fifth wicket, Cousins stepped in at the other end to bowl the left-handed Terry before he could improve on his one boundary.

With BSI at 28 for 5 off eight overs, the game was all but won and Adey and Leach were brought into the attack to finish off the rabbits. Moving to mid-on, Priest promptly took a straightforward catch off Adey in his first over and it was getting rather embarrassing. However, Michael was getting bat onto ball and with the fast outfield was regularly finding the boundary to move the total towards the face-saving 50 mark. Failing to find his touch at the other end, Leach gave way to Benn who bowled tightly and with a fielder on the mid-wicket boundary stemmed the flow of 4s from the bat of Michael. Adey continued to plug away with his straight balls taking a further three wickets (one well caught by Bultitude in the covers), in the process getting very respectable figures of 4-14.

With one wicket left and a lady at one end, BSI’s tactics were clearly to keep Michael on strike. A less than accurate final over saw Adey also miss out on a fifth wicket bowling to her and with Benn and Cooper also failing to make an impact, Michael managed to move on to 41 and the total to 68 before he succumbed to Benn and a catch by McBarron at deep mid-wicket.

Dodgers’ turn to bat. Having got through the overs quickly (it’s amazing what a football match can do!) and with a target of only 69 to win, it looked like McBarron and Bultitude would finish the game off in double-quick time. But McBarron’s catch proved to be his undoing, the ball drawing blood from a badly cut finger, and he was unable to opening the batting and hopefully end his poor run of form. So Matthews joined Bultitude at the crease. Some mediocre bowling saw the runs come freely to both batsmen, with Matthews hitting two 4s before being bowled by Johnson for an excellent 14. This saw Priest join Bultitude at the crease and the total move on rapidly towards the target, with Priest finding form quickly hitting three 4s in his total of 18. Generously retiring on 29 to let others that had not bowled have a bat, Transec guest Berti matched his previous top score with two singles before being bowled by Charleston. With three runs to win, Cooper joined Priest to get the winning runs. Thanks to umpire Benn not giving wides off Michael, the winning run came off the bat of Cooper - just after his wife arrived to watch the match.

Another good Dodgers performance. Well done to all.
Reporter: Andrew Crawford

Quote of the Match: McBarron – "I’ve broken my fingernail" (Sounds best taken out of context).


B Shelley c Priest b Crawford 0
M Johnson b Crawford 0
K McLean b Crawford 0
J Terry b Cousins 4
B Muldoon b Crawford 0
S Wright c Priest b Adey 3
D Michael c McBarron b Benn 41
R Budd b Adey 8
D Charleston b Adey 4
G Strawbridge c Bultitude b Adey 0
Anna Wadsworth Not Out 0
Extras (B2, Lb1, W5, Nb0) 8
Total (19.3 overs) 68 All out

Crawford 4 0 13 4
Cousins 4 1 14 1
Adey 4 0 14 4
Leach 2 0 7 0
Benn 3.3 0 9 1
Cooper 2 0 8 0


D Bultitude Retired 29
K Matthews b Johnson 14
N Priest Not Out 18
S Berti b Charleston 2
J Cooper Not Out 2
Extras (B2, Lb1, W1, Nb0) 4
Total (13.4 overs) 69 for 2 wkts

Did not bat: Crawford, Benn, Leach, Cousins, Adey, McBarron

Johnson 4 0 22 1
McLean 4 0 24 0
Terry 2 1 4 0
Muldoon 2 0 13 0
Charleston 1 0 2 1
Michael 0.4 0 1 0

Man of the Match: Andrew Crawford

Dodgers won by 8 wickets