Dodgers v Highways Agency

Due to HA's difficulty in getting a team out it was touch and go whether this game was played at all. In the event they only turned up with 6 for an amended 6 pm start. This would have been bad enough but was made worse by the fact that Dodgers only managed to find 9. Consequently it was decided to make it a non stats match for Dodgers; at which point McBarron magnanimously volunteered to play for the opposition.

HA batted first and through a combination of good batting and some rank bowling, accumulated 158 off 16 overs. Stars for HA were Harding 53 (retired) and Taylor 36 not out. Highlights for Dodgers were Priest – 2 overs 13 for 2, Carr - 2 overs 12 for 1, and the keeping of Westhead who didn’t concede a bye (wait for the quickies to have a go at you Guy!). Captain Carr’s ploy of replacing Matthews behind the stumps in order not to expose Westhead’s bowling backfired as the Cat conceded 24 for 0 from 2.

Dodgers knew a target of 159 from 16 overs would be difficult and impossible after openers Westhead and Priest only managed to clock up 56 from the first 8. Dodgers finished on 99 for 5. Stars were Priest bowled for 49 and Westhead bowled for 31. Shining light for HA was Tailor 3 overs 12 for 4.