AGM 2001 Minutes

DODGERS CRICKET CLUB: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2001 5:30pm, Friday 16 November 2001
Sir Robin Butler Suite, Chadwick Street Recreation Centre



John Adey
Andrew Crawford
Kim Matthews
Phil McBarron
Darren Bultitude
Jude Brierley
Neil Benn
Guy Westhead
Matt Leach
Sean Birch
Neil Priest

1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 John Adey welcomed members to the meeting. Apologies had been received from: John Carr (Captain), Sue Adey (Hon. Auditor), John Doyle, Sian Priest, Kevin Roper, Mike Coronno, Terry Hawton, John Cooper, Chris Birch and Richard Godden.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting (9 February 2001)

2.1 It was noted that Kim Matthews and not Kevin Roper had agreed to check the availability of Eltham for a fixture against Buckhurst Hill in 2001. With this amendment the minutes were agreed.

3. Finance

3.1 Copies of the audited accounts for 2000 and the latest position for 2001 are attached. The 2000 accounts were formally adopted and a vote of thanks to the Hon, Auditor and Treasurer was carried unanimously..

3.2 Andrew Crawford reported that the club’s financial position was healthy. This was partly due to an increase in membership and an increase in income from winter nets (no longer subsidised by the club). The current bank balance for 2001 was lower than 2000 as bad weather had reduced income from match fees and the club had purchased more kit. The cost of the 2000 AGM had also fallen in 2001.

4. Election of Officers for 2002

4.1 The following were re-elected unopposed:

John Adey - Chairman
Andrew Crawford - Treasurer
Neil Priest - Vice-Captain
Kim Matthews - Additional Committee Member
Phil McBarron - Additional Committee Member
John Carr - Captain
Neil Priest - Secretary
Sue Adey - Honorary Auditor

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2002

5.1 Matt Leach suggested that the membership fee should be increased to £10 to help pay for more kit. Neil Priest and Andrew Crawford said that it would be fairer if the match fees were increased instead so that those who played more paid more. This was agreed. The following fees for 2002 were therefore agreed:

Membership - £5.00
Evening match fee - £3.50
Afternoon match fee (no tea) - £4.00
Afternoon match fee (tea) - £5.00

6. Selection Policy for 2001

6.1 It was agreed that the same selection policy as in 2001 should be followed. The best eleven should be selected each week but that nobody should have to miss two matches in a row. John Carr would have the final say in selection taking into account of the opposition’s strength when selecting side (ie. the stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected) and people who repeatedly dropped out at the last minute.

7. Fixtures

7.1 It was agreed that Dodgers should play more new teams if possible and that in May and June there should be some weeks where two games were arranged, particularly where the opposition were “unreliable” (eg. BOCs). It was agreed that if possible there should be up to three afternoon games in August with a maximum of one afternoon game in the other months. Chiswick would continue as the “home” ground. Members were asked to send contact details of potential opposition to Kim Matthews. Kim also agreed to ask other teams for their contact lists.

7.2 Members thanked Kim for his hard work in arranging the fixtures.

8. Tour

8.1 After some discussion it was agreed that Dodgers would try and arrange a weekend tour for 2002. Neil Benn agreed to look into this and prepare a paper looking at the options. (NB. Paper now circulated to members for comment).

9. Closed Season Activities

9.1 Andrew Crawford had booked winter nets at the Oval for the six weeks leading up to the season. He agreed to circulate details nearer the time. It was agreed that the club would not subsidise the cost and that the “senior” players would offer coaching to those who requested it.

9.2 Darren Bultitude agreed to try and arrange some much needed fielding practice.

10. Any Other Business

10.1 Matt Leach said that as the Highways Agency team would no longer receive DOETRA money then Dodgers should apply for a grant. John Adey
explained that the Club had applied before and been turned down. DOETRA money also came with strings attached and the feeling in the past had been that Dodgers would rather remain independent.

10.2 Guy Westhead suggested that there should be penalties imposed on players who arrived late for games. It was agreed that this would probably be impractical.

Dodgers CC December 2001