Dodgers v Parliamentary Ombudsman

29 August 2002
Dodgers won by 43 runs

Man of the Match: Richard Abigail

Captain Benn won the toss and elected to bat. Immediately Abigail, guesting for Dodgers was into his stride and 55 runs came from the first ten overs. Two glorious cover drives stuck in the memory, as well as a mishit six over the short legside boundary. At the other end McBarron gave typically solid support. Abigail retired having made a quickfire 30, and was replaced by Westhead, who was also in big-hitting mood, and hit his first ever competitive six in scoring 15.

After the dismissal of Westhead and McBarron, the innings rather limped to a conclusion, with batsmen somewhat too eager to sacrifice their wickets for quick runs, and a score of 116 was perhaps a little short of what seemed likely at one stage.

Nevertheless it was quickly made to look more difficult as the Ombudsman team lost their first four wickets for just 15. As dusk turned to night, Crawford was particularly effective, his pace scaring his wicketkeeper even more then the batsmen, and his three wickets were well deserved. Mention should also be made of McBarron and Matthews smart work in running out Watson, a rare moment of fielding brilliance on a day when Dodgers failed three times to complete run outs when both batsmen were at the same end.

The Ombudsman team briefly threatened to get back into the game as Patel made use of the short legside boundary, and at 67-5 the game was on again. Benn snuffed out the threat with two wickets in two balls, and Hawton finished the job with two wickets, the first via a Matthews catch at full stretch.


McBarron Run Out 27
Abigail Retired 30
Westhead Run Out 13
Gundry c&b Parsons 15
Cousins c&b Patel 6
Benn b Patel 5
Crawford NOT OUT 3
Hawton b King 0
Matthews b King 0
Cooper NOT OUT 3
TOTAL 116-7


Cowling LBW B Crawford 3
Patel T C Crawford B Cooper 0
Watson Run Out (McBarron) 1
Robson B Crawford 18
Monk C Cousins B Crawford 0
Patel J B Benn 21
Corkindale C Matthews B Hawton 13
McDonnell B Benn 0
Copeland B Hawton 5
Parsons Run Out (Gundry) 1
King Not Out 0


Cooper 3-0-17-1
Crawford 3-0-12-3
Benn 3-1-10-2
Hawton 3-0-23-2
Cousins 1.3-0-4-0