AGM 2002 Minutes

DODGERS CRICKET CLUB : ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2002 5:30pm, Friday 24 January 2003
Sir Robin Butler Suite, Chadwick Street Recreation Centre MINUTES OF MEETING


John Adey
Andrew Crawford
Phil McBarron
Kim Matthews
Jude Brierley
John Doyle
Neil Benn
John Cooper
John Hilary
Neil Priest

1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 John Adey welcomed members to the meeting. Apologies had been received from John Carr (Captain), David Pope, Sian Priest and Terry Hawton.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

2.1 These were agreed.

3. Finance

- Accounts 2001

3.1 The accounts had now been audited and showed a net loss of £220.71. Andrew Crawford reported that this was due largely to funding two socials during the period and having lost more home games due to the weather than usual. The Club was £344.54 in credit at the end of the 2001 financial year. The accounts were formally adopted.

- Honorary Auditor’s Report

3.2 As Sue Adey had sadly passed away there was no Hon. Auditor’s report. Franca McBarron had stepped in to audit the accounts. Franca had queried some payments that lacked receipts but these had been clarified by Andrew.

- Treasurer’s Report for 2002

3.3 Andrew reported that there had been three fewer playing members in 2002 than in 2001. There had also been £60 less income from match fees as more games had been called off. However, less kit had been purchased. An £80 cheque had been written to CSRC for the room booking and bar deposit but it had not yet been presented so was shown as a creditor in the 2002 accounts. £50 had been donated to the Princess Alice Hospice in memory of Sue Adey.

3.4 Net income for 2002 was £15.45 and the club had £439.99 in the bank. However, the effective balance was about £200 lower because of the costs of the AGM and social had slipped into 2003 and had not yet been deducted.

4. Election of Officers for 2003

4.1 The following officers were re-elected unapposed:

Chairman - John Adey
Treasurer - Andrew Crawford
Secretary - Neil Priest
Fixture Secretary - Kim Matthews
Additional Committee Member - Phil McBarron
Captain - John Carr
Vice-Captain - Neil Priest

4.2 It was agreed that Kim Matthew’s role in organising fixtures should be recognised by creating the title of Fixture Secretary. Phil McBarron’s position consequently became Additional Committee Member.

4.3 Franca McBarron was elected as Honorary Auditor (proposed by Jude Brierley, seconded by Neil Benn).

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2003

5.1 It was agreed that these should remain as follows:

Membership - £5.00
Evening match fee - £3.50
Afternoon match fee (no tea) - £4.00
Afternoon match fee (tea) - £5.00

6. Selection Policy for 2003

6.1 It was agreed that this should remain unchanged. The best eleven would be selected each week by John Carr in consultation with Neil Priest. John would have the final say on selection with the following caveats:

- nobody should have to miss two matches in a row.

- opposition’s strength to be taken into account when selecting side (ie. the stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected)

- account to be taken of people repeatedly dropping out at the last minute without a good excuse.

7. Fixtures

7.1 Kim Matthews reported that two fixtures had been confirmed so far. One of these was against St Andrews but they might fold. They had offered a second fixture as well but it was agreed that this should be declined. Buckhurst Hill had also offered two fixtures and it was agreed that these should be accepted. (NB. If any members have contacts for new fixtures please contact Kim).

7.2 It was agreed that, where possible, there should be one afternoon game per month except for in August. There should usually be one, but occasionally two, evening games per week. Kim would co-ordinate the fixture list with Superstars to allow people to play for both teams.

8. Closed Season Activities

- Winter Nets

8.1 Andrew Crawford had now booked six weeks of nets at the Oval and would e- mail round members for availability again in February. Phil McBarron agreed to take the kit from John Adey to the first net and John Cooper agreed to get it to Chiswick after the last net. John Cooper also agreed to organise attendance at the nets once Andrew passed on availability.

- Social Events

8.2 Neil Benn had organised a trip to Catford dogs. (NB. Members with other ideas should e-mail them round the Club or to the Committee).

9. Any Other Business


9.1 DTLR-RA had changed its name again and was now known as SPARTA. - CSSC Membership

9.2 The Club had been asked to send a list of CSSC members to Chiswick. This had been done but Kim Matthews reported that he had been asked to become an associate member of the CSSC if he wanted to be allowed to play at Chiswick. This had cost £45. It was agreed that Kim should enquire if this could be converted to full

membership as this was £20 cheaper. If it could not the Club would pay Kim the extra £20.

- Recruitment

9.3 John Hilary said that a recruitment drive was needed. John Cooper agreed to e-mail GOL staff for players and draft an advert for their staff magazine. This would be copied to John Doyle who would submit it to A2B in DfT and Neil Benn who would sdmit it to the ODPM equivalent. Adverts would also be placed on notice boards and on "infonets".

Dodgers CC February 2003