DODGERS won by 44 RUNS
Dodgers: 165 -2 20 Overs (McBarron 33 retd; Jacobs 32 retd; Cooper 32 retd.)
Audit Comm. 103 -5 20 Overs (Benn - Streatfeild -
Match Report: Kim Matthews

Dodgers having won the toss elected to bat. Capt. Priest agreed to batsmen retiring at 30 (some of us have never started!!). The game was played on a warm May evening with no cloud and only the roar of the soon to be departed Concorde to disturb us. The wicket was good if a little unpredictable. Audit Commission promised 9 turned up with 7 and were bolstered by the addition of Qureshi’s mate Kavanagh (desperate for a quality game!!). During Dodgers innings they were offered 2 fielders but would take only 1. Dodgers took full advantage and notched up 165 in their 20 overs. Dodgers ran out easy victors as the Audit batsmen , restricted by some excellent bowling and a full fielding side, were never up with the run rate and could only manage 103 in reply.

Mcbarron and Priest took full advantage of some loose bowling and plundered 64 from 8 overs before Priest was caught and bowled of a slower ball from Emery. Mcbarron retired shortly after having scored an entirely out of character quick fire 33. Jacobs (on his return to Dodgers colours from exile in Bristol) and Lucky Cooper then matched each other run for run pushing the score on to 130 before, within a few balls of each other, both retired on 32. Roper was the only other Dodger out; stumped for 7 attempting a big hit off Irwin.

Tight opening bowling from Cousins and Streatfeild (who had opener Taylor excellently caught by Priest at short extra cover, in his first over) effectively won the game for Dodgers. They restricted Audit to 25 in the first 8 overs and ensured that the remaining Dodger’s bowlers could afford to be a bit more generous without danger of recrimination in the bar afterwards. Qureshi took full advantage of this opportunity and conceded 30 off 4. Whilst Benn spurned it and took 2 for 6 from his 2. The only defiance was offered by Fisher who retired on 31 and Sully bowled Benn for 20.

Man of the match was Chris Jacobs for his well struck 32 (in his first game for 2 years) and his entertaining fielding. His sprint round the boundary, stop with his foot, and throw over his shoulder for 4, was particularly entertaining. (In retrospect I think I should have given my vote to Will Streatfeild!)

We haven’t played Audit before. They were a good bunch and should we have the opportunity I recommend a future fixture at Battersea Park (not least for the chance of sampling a new pub). Dodgers had to fend off some fiery bowling from Qureshi’s mate Kavanagh (who had Cooper dropped 3 times) who also appeared, at least by my standards, to be able to bat; so if we can get him to play for us on occasion I suggest we accept with alacrity.

Man of the Match: Chris Jacobs

Dodgers Innings

McBarron retired 33
Priest c/b Emery 24
Jacobs retired 32
Cooper retired 32
Roper stumped Taylor b Irwin 7
Benn not out 15
Hilary not out 4
Extras (b4, lb5, w6, nb3) 18
Total 165 for 2

Audit Bowling

Sully 4 0 49 0
Durham 4 2 21 0
Emery 4 0 29 1
Kavanagh 4 0 30 0
Irwin 4 0 27 1

Audit Innings

Taylor c Priest b Streatfeild 5
Fisher retired 31
Durham c Matthews b Hilary 14
Sully b Benn 20
Emery c McBarron b Benn 2
Irwin c/b Roper 4
Kavanagh not out 7
Penny not out 4
Extras (b6, lb5, w5) 16
Total 103 for 5

Dodgers Bowling

Cousins 4 0 11 0
Streatfeild 4 1 10 1
Hilary 4 1 22 1
Qureshi 4 0 30 0
Benn 2 0 6 2
Roper 2 0 13 1