DCMS won by 28 RUNS

DCMS: 230-6, 40 Overs (Crawford 2 – 7; Hilary 1 – 20)
Dodgers: 202-8, 40 Overs (Benn - 45; Roper – 43; Hilary 42)

Match Report: Kim Matthews

Having won the toss Capt. Carr (anticipating Mcbarron arriving in time for a match winning innings) decided to field. After an excellent opening spell by bowlers Crawford and Roper, DCMS, despite losing early wickets, kept the score ticking along and notched up a commendable 230 in 40 overs. Dodgers’ reply was in the same vein but lacking the acceleration displayed by DCMS was never in with a chance. (Mcbarron, manning the barricades against terrorist incursions, never appeared but, as was pointed out, had he done so we would have been lucky to make 150). In the end a comfortable win for DCMS.

Defeating the combined fielding attempts of both Matthews and Benn, Crawford’s first ball went for 4 wides. Thereafter he bowled with some venom and achieved the remarkable figures of 6-4-7-2 (the 7 being all wides). Benn, at first slip, in aside to Matthews said, "I hope nothing comes my way as I’ve got no chance of catching it.", then proceeded to pouch an excellent catch to dismiss opener Cove for 1. Hilary then caught the DCMS no. 3 for 0 and, with DCMS’ score on 2 for 19, Dodgers thought their luck was in. Unfortunately Malik had other ideas and scored a chanceless 63 before being excellently caught by Hilary off Benn. Despite tight bowling spells from Benn and Hilary, the remaining DCMS batsmen never eased up and aided by some lacklustre fielding in the last 10 overs, amassed the somewhat daunting total of 230.

Dodgers’ reply got off to a solid start. Benn and Roper whilst fending off some lively bowling, kept up with the run rate in an opening stand of 68. Roper was first out for 43 after attempting to hit OAP Fitzgerald back over his head and getting yorked for his pains. Benn nurdled on until, realising he was in danger of reaching 50 and having to buy a jug, he was caught on 45. Thereafter despite an excellent 42 from Hilary (before being run out by Adey) and a quickfire 19 from Crawford, Dodgers’ batting fell away and was never up with the run rate.

As was usual DCMS played to win and only gave their weaker bowlers a go when they were confidant the game was won. For the first 30 overs Dodgers’ fielding was excellent (John - I’ve lost 2 stones - Adey was a revelation!) but in the final 10 overs tiredness set in and runs were given away. An enjoyable game. Some excellent contributions from individual Dodgers but DCMS were worthy winners. We’ll have to wait until next season to get our own back.

Man of the Match: Neil Benn

DCMS Innings

Cove c Benn b Crawford 1
Malik c Hilary b Benn 65
Casselton c Hilary b Crawford 0
Lloyd-James b Benn 19
Palao not out 49
Fitzgerald B c Crawford b Hilary 4
Chamberlain c Roper b Adey 43
Findlay not out 27
Extras (lb6, w16) 22
Total 230 for 6

Crawford 6 4 7 2
Roper 8 3 30 0
Qureshi 4 0 33 0
Hilary 5 0 20 1
Benn 6 0 42 2
Hawton 4 0 30 0
Adey 5 0 44 1
Cooper 2 0 18 0

Dodgers Innings

Benn c Cove b Palau 45
Roper b Fitzgerald 43
Carr c ? b Fitzgerald 3
Cooper b Malik 6
Hilary run out 42
Crawford c Casselton b Dawes 19
Qureshi run out 3
Matthews lbw b Marks 1
Adey not out 8
Hawton not out 0
Extras (b9, lb3, w21) 33
Total 202 for 8

Chamberlain 5 1 16 0
Lloyd-James 5 0 20 0
Fitzgerald B 8 1 30 2
Findlay 6 0 25 0
Palao 4 0 18 1
Malik 3 0 9 1
Dawes 3 0 34 1
Marks 4 0 29 1
Casselton 2 0 10 0