Dodgers v Ombudsman


Result: Dodgers won by five or six runs

A fluctuating match that Dodgers looked to be winning comfortably for a while but in the end was decided only in the last over. There is a discrepancy in the scores, hence the uncertainty over the winning margin.

Dodgers batted first and our opening pair of McBarron and Priest started comfortably but slowly. Phil in particular struggled to get going and took 16 overs to amass his 22 runs. After Neil was out in the 11th over we suffered a mid-innings collapse and sixteen runs were added in four overs while three wickets were lost. Batsmen 3, 4 and 5 were all out for single figures and it took a brisk, hard-hitting innings by guest Simon Gundry to give our score an air of respectability. His knock of 35 included four fours and a six.

We weren't sure whether a score of 109 was going to be enough but we had plenty of bowling. Gundry followed his innings by taking his frustration at being dropped by Superstars out on the Ombudsperson's batsmen. His two wickets in three overs, backed up by one for Will Streatfeild and some tidy overs from Henry Hilary and Matt Leach had the opposition rocking at 24 for 4. However, Parsons and Robson added 36 for the fifth wicket and gave their team a chance. After I accounted for both of them, Copeland and Armstrong kept the score ticking over. Both Matt and I had bowled tidily but our last overs cost us nine and eleven runs respectively. There was now a chance that we might lose but two accurate overs by John Cooper sealed the win. The opposition claimed they wanted five to win off the last two balls (I make it seven) but a dot and a wicket for John shut the door.

Dodgers innings 

McBarron ct b Patel 22
Priest ct b King 21
Westhead ct b King 7
Carr lbw b Patel 3
Cooper ct b Copeland 7
Gundry retired 35
S. Birch run out 2
H. Hilary not out 2
Streatfeild not out 0
Extras (b1, lb3, w6, nb1) 11
Total 109*

Did not bat: Leach, Pope

(*I know it adds up to 110 but it was 109 at the time
and that is the score the opposition chased.)

Armstrong 4-0-16-0
Johnson 4-0-10-0
King 4-0-24-2
Copeland 4-0-31-1
Patel 4-2-26-2

Ombdusman innings

Carberry ct Priest b Gundry 8
Parsons st Priest b Pope 21
Lillywhite b Gundry 1
Tattersall b Streatfeild 2
Hodson ct Carr b Leach 0
Robson ct McBarron b Pope 23
Troost ct Carr b Leach 3
Copeland ct Priest b Pope 10
Johnson not out 18
Armstrong ct Priest b Cooper 3
Extras (b1, lb1, w9) 11
Total 103*

Did not bat: King

(*the opposition said it was 104 but I can only find 103)

Gundry 3-1-2-2
Streatfeild 4-0-20-1
H. Hilary 3-1-9-0
Leach 4-0-28-2
Pope 4-0-32-3
Cooper 2-0-10-1

Man of the match: Simon Gundry