St Andrews v Dodgers

Addington Park

Dodgers (226-1, 40 overs) bt St Andrews (179 all out, 36.1 overs) by 47 runs

An easy victory for Dodgers against outclassed opponents, played at a new venue (for Dodgers) on the rural fringe of Croydon. Marred only by an inability to finish the game quickly once it was clear it was won.

Winning the toss, Dodgers opted to bat and, thanks to solid innings from McBarron and Hilary , who retired unbeaten on 69 and 68 respectively, and Benn (28) quickly established a solid platform for the Dodgers innings, helped by dismal St Andrews fielding which contributed some 18 byes to the Dodgers total. Following the retirements, which coincided with a short break in play for rain, Kavanagh slogged a quick 36, ably supported by Matthews at the non-strikers end, taking Dodgers to a total of 226-1 - a good score for a team missing the batting of Carr, Priest and Roper.

Following the usual fine St Andrews tea of ham sandwiches and Mr Kiplings cakes, washed down with orange squash, the home side never looked likely to approach the Dodgers’ target. Crawford (0-16) and Qureshi (1-23), opening the bowling, were economical but lacked penetration, sharing just one wicket between them. However a change of bowling quickly paid off as Kavanagh (2-9) took two wickets and quality Dodgers fielding (a rarity this season) delivered two run outs. Having secured the first seven wickets for only 84 runs, Dodgers made heavy weather of finishing off the innings. However, eventually the tail was wrapped up by Cooper (1-39) grabbing a fine caught and bowled, three wickets from Leach (3-42) and one from Pope (1-41), who captured the valuable wicket of Clark, the only St Andrews player who looked capable of bringing the Croydon team back into the match.

Dodgers innings

McBarron (c) retd 68
Benn ct Hockborn b Seagal 28
Hilary retd 68
Matthews (w) not out 1
Cavanagh not out 36
Extras (18b, 1lb, 1w, 4nb) 24
Total (40 overs) 226

(did not bat: Crawford, Cooper, Qureshi, Leach)

o m r w
Ashish 8 0 29 0
Mummery 8 1 41 0
Seagal 8 0 45 1
Hockborn 8 2 30 0
Clark J 5 0 38 0
Whitton 3 0 29 0

St Andrews innings

Salesh run out (Hilary) 10
Pawarod b Cavanagh 10
Hockborn b Cavanagh 22
Pay ct Benn b Qureshi 2
Clark M ct Matthews b Pope 61
Munnery ct Matthews b Leach 7
Whittam c&b Cooper 0
Clarke S run out (Matthews) 0
Burbridge ct Benn b Leach 17
Clark J not out 13
Seagal ct Matthews b Leach 23
Extras (5b, 4lb, 4w, 1nb) 14
Total (all out, 36.1 overs) 179

o m r w
Crawford 6 1 16 0
Qureshi 7 0 23 1
Leach 7.1 0 42 3
Kavanagh 5 1 9 2
Cooper 5 0 39 1
Pope 6 0 41 1

Man of the Match: Cavanagh