Superstars won the toss and elected to bat

Superstars 185/3 off 20.0 overs (Perera 72, Gigg 54, Cooper 2-42, Cavanagh 1-19) Dodgers 143/4 off 20.0 overs (Cavanagh 71, Taylor 2-22, Perera 1-12, Patten 1-14)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Mark Cavanagh

328/7 off 40 overs - now that's entertainment. Unless of course you are a bowler.

This second match in this year's series against Superstars saw us fall to two down with two to play, although this was a much better showing than the first game.

Even though Captain Carr was delayed it was business as usual as we lost the toss and had to field on what looked like nothing more than an average batting track. Superstars promptly racked up the biggest score we have conceded in a twenty over game, just passing the FSA's 181 of the week before. Messrs Crawford and Roper will no doubt be pleased to have missed both encounters, a fact pointed out at least 83 times by Neil Benn.

Although some of the bowling was wayward to say the least and our fielding was down to its usual standard this huge total came largely due to some excellent batting from Superstars. Gigg (54) batted better than we have seen for several seasons and although Perera (72) started slowly he too was soon dispatching the ball to all parts. You know you are in trouble when Lomas (15*) comes in and smashes his first ball through the covers for four and by the time Whitrod appeared to face only the last ball of the innings few would have bet against the resulting six over mid-wicket. For Dodgers Cavanagh (1-19) was the pick of the bowlers bowling at a lively pace and nearly taking Perera's head off with a great bouncer. Cooper picked up a couple of wickets at the end and Henry Hilary bowled well once he found his range.

Facing the daunting prospect of 9 an over and with Gundry promising to bend his back McBarron graciously offered to drop down the order to give others a chance for a bat. Facing the daunting prospect of chasing 9 an over and with Gundry promising to bend his back it seemed likely plenty of others would get a chance anyway, so this kind offer was equally graciously declined by the Skipper.

So it was that Priest and McBarron re-formed their now familiar opening combination. Gundry was true to his word and bowled four quick and hostile overs, although Phil got us off to the best possible start by snicking the first ball through slip for four. This set the tone as almost all of the 18 that Gundry conceded were to the third man area. However, with the required rate soon well into double figures we clearly had them worried as for Gundry's third over Superstars had five men on the boundary.

The entertainment of Gundry's spell (more entertaining from the boundary than from 22 yards I suspect) hid the fact that Patten also bowled very well from the other end and it was Patten who made the breakthrough in the eighth over to bowl McBarron for 6. This only served to set the stage for the entry of Mark Cavanagh who proceeded to play one of the best ever Dodgers' innings that I for one have ever seen. Mark smashed eight fours and three sixes on his way to 71, leaving Priest in the somewhat unaccustomed support role. In the middle of the innings four overs from Andrews and Goram went for an incredible 72, only 15 of them to Priest. By now Superstars were seriously worried and at one point had nobody saving one on the leg side. We were starting to believe that we (ie. Mark) could pull it off. Of course, it wasn’t to be and as so often it was Taylor (2-22) who did the damage, Priest going to a top edged pull and Cavanagh caught not long after by Perera.

In the end we finished on 143/4 which would have been easily enough on almost any other night - it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if we’d scored them batting first. There was of course no doubt about man of the match and Kav looks a bloody good player to me. Let’s hope he keeps turning out.

Quote of the week:

I can't remember anything really funny (although Superstars' Paul Andrews mistaking Phil McBarron for Phil Patten raised a smile), so hear are some other sports related quotes that seem to fit in with the Dodgers ethos...

Bill Shankley on Martin Chivers: "The big lad is deceptive. He's slower than he looks."

Trevor Bailey on Compton: "His calls while running are merely a basis for negotiation."

George Foreman on fighting for the world heavyweight crown aged 42: "Holyfield has never fought a true heavyweight. When he fights me he is taking on every burger franchise in America."

Neil Armstrong after his own gut was compared to other physically perfect astronaut specimens: "I believe we are born with a finite number of heartbeats and I'm damned if I am going to waste mine exercising."


Gigg* c. Matthews b. Cavanagh 54
Perera c. McBarron b. Cooper 72
Conway+ c. Hilary H b. Cooper 29
Lomas Not Out 15
Whitrod Not Out 6
Extras 10
TOTAL (for 3 wickets off 20.0 overs) 185

Benn 2 0 16 0
Streatfield 3 0 25 0
Cavanagh 4 0 19 1
Qureshi 2 0 30 0
Hilary H 3 0 21 0
Cooper 4 0 42 2
Hawton 2 0 26 0


McBarron b. Patten 4
Priest c. Conway b. Taylor 39
Cavanagh c. Perera b. Taylor 71
Carr* Not Out 7
Cooper b. Perera 3
Benn Not Out 0
Extras 17
TOTAL (for 4 wickets off 20.0 overs) 143

DNB: Hawton, Matthews+, Qureshi, Streatfield, Hilary H

Gundry 4 0 18 0
Patten 4 0 14 1
Andrews 2 0 36 0
Goram 2 0 33 0
Taylor 4 0 22 2
Perera 4 1 12 1