Dodgers v ORR

CSSG Chiswick
Tuesday 8th July 2003
ORR won by 6 wickets

Dodgers 105 - 5, 20 overs (McBarron - 40 not out, Leach - 24)
ORR 106 - 4, 17.4 overs (McBarron 2-23, Streatfeild 1-22)

Weather - Humid

On a very muggy July evening Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat. Carr decided that 40 would be the retirement age for the evening, a decision that would come to haunt the captain, who in hindsight might have preferred to raise it to 50. Dodgers were reduced to nine men and without Hilary and Roper.

McBarron and Carr took to the field, with McBarron hitting a four off the first delivery, but then faced a good opening spell by the opening ORR bowlers. The score ticked along well, until Carr fell to a good delivery (Warrens last ball of his spell). Benn came to the crease hoping to build a partnership with the ever - steady McBarron, but fell to an unfortunate decision caught behind. Cooper (who had a very nasty ball to his chest) and Birch failed to get going, and Streatfeild came in at number six, after 10 overs with 46 on the board. Worried that Dodgers might not face all 20 overs, he batted himself in, giving support to McBarron who was nearing his retirement score of 40. ORR had some tight bowling and McBarron retired on 40. Doyle out first ball and Leach came to the crease to make an impressive 24 in the last four overs. ORR could have had the final pair run out on a number of occasions, due to some terrible running between the wickets. Dodgers finished on 105 for 5.

With only nine men Dodgers had to borrow two fielders from ORR, and after a lengthy half time changeover the ORR batsmen finally arrived at the crease. Benn and Streatfeild opened the bowling, with the ORR openers making a quick start. Streatfeild had opener Warren caught for 5, caught by McBarron. Cooper and Leach continued with Cooper having a great spell, with a maiden (the only one of the match) and a run out, which was quite impressive considering his earlier injury. Mason, the other ORR opener had a good innings, running well between the wickets and was retired for 40. McBarron joined the attack taking two wickets, but it seemed the ORR batting attack was too strong. ORR were helped by quick running between the wickets and the absence of Hilary and Roper, who were both missed. ORR won by 6 wickets with three over to spare.

Match Report by Will Streatfeild

Dodgers batting

McBarron Retired 40
Carr Bowled 8
Benn Caught behind 0
Cooper Bowled 3
Birch Bowled 3
Streatfeild Not out 11
Doyle Bowled 0
Leach Not out 24
Extras 15
Total 105

ORR bowling

Bowler o m r w
Tam 4 0 14 1
Kris 4 0 19 1
Jas 4 0 19 1
Dave 1 0 11 1
Vince 4 0 18 1
Rupert 2 0 12 0
Baden 1 0 5 0

ORR batting

Warren Caught B Streatfeild 5
Mason Retired 40
Jas Gill Caught B McBarron 18
V Furey Run out 16
J Evans Run out 0
J Thomas Caught B McBarron 0
McArdle Not out 16
Andy Not out 1
Extras 11
Total 106

Dodgers bowling

Bowler o m r w
Benn 4 0 15 0
Streatfeild 4 0 22 1
Leach 2 0 20 0
Cooper 4 1 22 0
McBarron 3 0 23 2
JC 0.4 0 2 0