Dodgers vs. Parliamentary Ombudsman

20 Overs


Dodgers won the toss and opted to bat.

Dodgers: 159/8 off 20 overs (Crawford Ret'd 32, McBarron Ret'd 30)
Ombudsman: 119/6 off 20 overs (McBarron 1-7, Cavanagh 1-17)

Would Neil Priest's winning streak as Captain continue? An auspicious start as he wins the toss and elects to bat. Neil, you need to give JC that doubled-headed coin With a very poor wicket, dry and covered in bumps and pot holes that could only get worse, this looked to be the right decision.

McBarron and Westhead stepped out to the crease. Sending the first ball to the boundary, had McBarron really undertaken to slog and could he do it again? Three boundaries in his first five scoring shots seemed to suggest he could, but then Lamprecht was taken out of the attack and normal service resumed until he reached 30 and retired. Next to the crease was Priest, who moved the score on quickly despite bowler King sending everything to him down leg side. McBarron, worried about the time, proved very generous not giving too many wides. At the other end Westhead made steady progress with the singles, clearly worried about the light as he kept on stressing that sunset was at 20.26. He was first to be out - in the 9th over - swinging wildly at a straight one.

Crawford came in next, promoted up the order due to injury that prevented him from bowling. Undecided about the bat to use, having demolished the decent Gray Nicholls during a recent knock, he chose the lighter plank of wood. A mistake - off to a quick start, he was lucky to get into double figures, dollying up a catch - dropped - to mid-off that didn't go as far as expected. He reached 32 with a couple of solid boundaries, before retiring to watch the rest of the innings. This not before Priest was caught just short of his 30.

At this stage 180 looked on, but an England style collapse followed. With Cav joining Streatfeild at the crease, he started with a boundary before being taken by surprise by a lifting ball which he returned comfortably to the bowler at shoulder height. A newly invigoured Benn slunk out purposefully to join Streatfeild, who in turn did not last long - run out to a direct hit following some confused calling. Blame unattributed. Qureshi was next. You'd think people would learn? Oh, no - he quickly repeated Cav's error sending a simple catch back to Lamprecht. Cooper put up some resistance but he also fell to the now accurate Lamprecht in the last over. With two balls left, Leach decided to give the Cat a bat and allowed himself to be clean bowled. Not to be outdone, the innings closed with Cat plumb LBW. Dodgers closed at 159, a respectable but not unbeatable total.

With the innings closing at 7.26pm - yes it took Ombudsman 1 hour 45 minutes to bowl 20 overs - Dodgers were given an hour of daylight to bowl their 20 overs.

Dodgers' turn to bowl. Opening with Cav from the "north" end, Ombudsman made a quick start sending his short deliveries to the boundary. Benn fared little better and it looked as if the 30 and retire policy might be all that saved us. But much better subsequent overs saw Benn take the important wicket of Johnson - caught at midwicket by an astonished Westhead and the rest of the team. But read on.... Johnson scored 10, but he batted at no.11 for them earlier in the season! Cav then took Jeffrey for 0, with another excellent catch from Cat behind the stumps.

Resistance from Sanders saw him move on to 30, and Ombudsman almost keeping up with the run-rate, before retiring. Lamprecht also made an impressive 31 before retiring, but the rest of the team made little headway against some very good bowling. Our sympathies (and best wishes) must go to Cooper, who took a wicket second ball before being felled by a throw from Cav, which bounced viciously and hit him in the face. Fortunately no blood, but a nasty shiner on the way. Occasional bowler McBarron took over, completing an excellent spell taking 1-7, including another wicket caught by Westhead. What is he on? After a tight over against Warwick Castle, Phil could win best bowler this year if he bowls enough overs to qualify. The only further resistance was put up by King and wickets proceeded to fall regularly. Both Sanders and Lamprecht returned to the crease but in the failed light made little further headway. Wickets were spread evenly with one apiece, including from Leach who has disappointed in recent matches. Ombudsman finished well short in the end, Dodgers winning by 40 runs - 15 minutes after sunset.

Westhead also took a third catch, something of a record, and no-one ran a single to him presumably on the back of his catching performance. Statisticians amongst us, well Mr Benn in fact, have modelled his success rate by a Poisson distribution - sounds fishy. He advises that the chance of someone with 3 catches in 57 games taking 3 in one game is 0.0000231 or 1 in 43,378. As a man who likes a bet, Neil missed an opportunity there.

Our thanks to JC for coming along to umpire - at least that gave us a chance of winning the toss.

Man of the Match Guy van Westhead. See stats section for Neil Benn's ruminations on the probability of it all...

Reporter: Andrew Crawford

Quote of the Match

Opposition batsman, turning the ball behind square on leg side straight to Streatfeild who is 10 yards from the bat, sets off for a run with a big shout of "TWO". Will missfields and they comfortably complete two runs.

Dodgers Innings

Phil McBarron Retired 30
Guy Westhead b Sanders 12
Neil Priest b MacCartney 26
Andrew Crawford Retired 32
Will Streatfeild Run Out 7
Mark Cavanagh c&b King 4
Neil Benn Not Out 14
Tawhid Qureshi c&b Lamprecht 1
John Cooper b Lamprecht 9
Matt Leach b Lamprecht 0
Kim Matthews LBW b Lamprecht 0
Extras (B9, Lb5, W9, Nb0) 23
Total: (for 8 wkts, 20 overs) 159

Lamprecht 4 0 21 4
Johnson 4 0 32 0
Sanders 4 0 22 1
King 4 0 30 1
Maccartney 2 0 12 1
Monk 2 0 17 0

Parliamentary Ombudsman Innings

Johnson c Westhead b Benn 10
Sanders b Leach 34
Jeffrey c Matthews b Cavanagh 0
Lamprecht Not Out 35
MacCartney c Westhead b Cooper 10
Monk G c Westhead b McBarron 1
Stuckey b. Qureshi 7
King Not Out 11
Extras (B2, Lb1, W6, Nb2) 11
Total (for 6 wkts, 20 overs) 119

Cavanagh 4 0 17 1
Benn 4 0 33 1
Cooper 0.2 0 3 1
McBarron 3.4 1 7 1
Qureshi 4 0 19 1
Leach 4 0 37 1