I've given the best years of me life to Dodgers

"I've given the best years of me life to Dodgers, practising me technique for cricket" - McB

Well it all came true tonight as Dodgers roared to a glorious win fuelled by fire from bat and ball. Man-of-the-Match Qureshi took 4 catches as Her Majesty's Treasury were skittled out for 51 chasing an impressive total of 141. It wasn't a one man show though as Priest, McB, Guy van der Westhead all got red-inkers under the retire at 25 rule. In the bowling stakes hushed tones were reserved for seldom seen stats with Benn, Cooper, Hilary (J) and TQ in the reckoning. A very deserved win. All that and the website problems appear to have been cured.....

it's the best photo of the evening but unfortunately it show the mighty Jacobs getting out against the Treasury on 19 August