AGM 2003 Minutes

DODGERS CRICKET CLUB : ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2003 5:30pm, Friday 7 November 2003
Sir Robin Butler Suite, Chadwick Street Recreation Centre MINUTES OF MEETING


John Adey
Andrew Crawford
John Carr
Kim Matthews
Phil McBarron
Franca McBarron
John Cooper
John Hilary
Will Streatfield
John Doyle
David Pope
Sean Birch
Neil Benn
Guy Westhead
Chris Jacobs
Neil Priest

1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 Apologies had been received from Sian Priest, Tawhid Quereshi, Mark Cavanagh, Jude Brierly, Amy Cooper and Matt Leach.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting (24 January 2003)

2.1 These were agreed.

3. Finance

Accounts 2002

3.1 Andrew Crawford reported that the Club had carried forward £439.99, which had been higher than expected. This was mainly due to the cost of the 2002 AGM and Social falling in this financial year (as reflected in the accounts for 2003). Other big expenditure items had been pitch costs, new club kit, balls and a donation in memory of Sue Adey. Turnover had been similar to previous years but income from match fees was down due to the poor weather. The nets at the Oval had been a success and made a loss of £45, which had been expected.

Honorary Auditor’s Report

3.2 Franca McBarron reported that she was content with the accounts for 2002 and these had been signed off. The meeting thanked Franca for auditing the accounts.

Treasurer’s Report for 2003

3.3 Andrew reported that approximately £280 would be carried forward. Expenditure on balls had increased. Better weather had led to an increase in match fee income from home games. There had also been some expenditure on the new website.

4. Election of Officers for 2004

4.1 The following officers were re-elected unopposed:

Chairman - John Adey
Treasurer Andrew Crawford
Fixture Secretary - Kim Matthews
Captain - John Carr
Vice-Captain - Neil Priest
Franca McBarron - Honorary Auditor

4.2 Neil Priest and Phil McBarron stood down from the Committee and the following new officers were appointed unopposed:

Secretary - John Cooper
Additional Member - Neil Benn

4.3 The meeting thanked Neil and Phil for their efforts on behalf of the Club.

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2004

5.1 It was agreed that these should remain the same as in 2003 as follows:


Evening match fee Afternoon (no tea) match fee Afternoon (tea) match fee

6. Selection Policy for 2004
£5.00 £3.50 £4.00 £5.00

6.1 It was agreed that this should remain the same as in 2003. The best eleven would be selected each week by John Carr in consultation with Neil Priest. John would have the final say on selection with the following caveats:

- nobody should have to miss two matches in a row.

- opposition’s strength to be taken into account when selecting side (ie. the stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected)

- account to be taken of people repeatedly dropping out at the last minute without a good excuse.

6.2 Neil Benn was leaving the Civil Service and would no longer be able to co- ordinate availability for selection. It was agreed that this should be discussed at the next Committee meeting.

6.3 It was agreed that once selected teams should be posted on the website. This would be as well as, rather than instead of, e-mail notification.

7. Membership

7.1 It was agreed that the Committee should devise a “marketing strategy” for the Club to increase membership. Several ideas were mentioned including use of the website, intranets, staff magazines and individual efforts.

8. Website

8.1 The meeting thanked John Cooper and Matt Leach for setting up the website which had been a great success. The Committee would review posting rights in due course.

9. Fixtures

9.1 Kim Matthews reported that the number, type and venues for matches would largely be the same as for 2003. There would usually be one game per week (occasionally two) and some weekend games.

9.2 The possibility of an all day game to commemorate Sue Adey was discussed. Kim agreed to ask Superstars if they would be interested. John Hilary had a cousin who taught at Westminster School and would make enquiries about having the game at Vincent Square.

10. Awards

10.1 After some discussion it was agreed that for future seasons the Players’ Player award would be decided by an aggregate of all the Man of the Match votes cast throughout the season, rather than a total of Man of the Match Awards won.

11. Closed Season Activities

11.1 Andrew Crawford had booked the indoor nets but this had yet to be confirmed by the Oval. They would be on Thursday’s between 6 and 7pm, starting with one net per week but increasing to two for the final few weeks. (Note: see website for further details).

11.2 It was agreed that there should be as many closed season activities as possible and that the horse racing, dog racing and speedway evenings should be repeated. Phil McBarron was trying to organise a drinking binge rail trip to York.

12. Any Other Business

12.1 Andrew Crawford appealed to members to keep old match balls as they were needed for nets. John Adey agreed to check if he had any old club balls in his garage.

12.2 It was agreed that the club kit needed to be better looked after. A kit monitor would be nominated when team selections were announced, as would a money collector. Andrew Crawford would ensure that a supply collection forms was left in the kit bag. Andrew would ensure that the match fees were listed on the forms, along with details of what to charge the opposition.

12.3 It was agreed that a new bat should be bought in the sales (and to be knocked in by the vendor).

12.4 Phil McBarron suggested that batsmen reaching 50 should retire. This would agreed although the Capatain would have the discretion to allow a batsman to stay out if they had a chance of reaching 100 or their retirement meant we might lose.

12.5 Superstars had organised a tour for the early May Bank Holiday next year. Any Dodgers players wishing to attend should let Ken Block know.

12.6 It was suggested that it may now be possible to apply for a SPARTA grant without any of the strings previously attached by them eg. merging with Superstars, changing our Constitution etc. The Committee would investigate this and put proposals to members.
Dodgers CC November 2003