Those Dodgers Awards 2004 in full

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Dodgers AGM and Social last night at the Marquis of Granby. A fine time was had by all and the beer flowed freely at the bar. A special Dodgers Season Review 2004 by Neil Benn and Phil McBarron was circulated. After the business end of proceedings in the form of the AGM was completed there was then the small matter of the Dodgers Awards. The presentation party comprised our Chairman John Adey and Master of Ceremonies Phil McBarron and the winners were as follows:

Best Batsman

1st - Neil Priest (avg 50.4)
2nd - Phil McBarron (39.6)
3rd - Matt Taylor (27.7)

Best Bowler

1st – Simon Cousins (avg 10.3)
2nd - Warren Bass (10.6)
3rd - John Hilary (14.1)

Player of the Season (based on Man of the Match votes – shown in brackets)

1st – Simon Cousins (32)
2nd - Matt Taylor (26)
3rd equal – John Cooper and Kim Matthews (19)

Winners of awards voted for on (no. of votes and select quotes from voters in brackets)

Best Fielder ("A dubious accolade; like winning 'most intelligent' at a village idiot contest")

1st - Matt Taylor (7)
2nd - Alex Luke (1)
3rd - Kim Matthews (1)

Most Improved Player

1st - John Cooper (4) ("not because he was rubbish before, but because he took more good wickets this season")
2nd - Kim Matthews (3)
3rd - Simon Cousins (2)
Honourable mention: Tawhid Qureshi ("but not for his running")

Champagne Moment of the Season

1st - 3-0 series win over Superstars (3)
2nd – Cat's 100th run of the season (3)
3rd - Popey's wicket from a ball 4 feet outside leg against Buckhurst (1)
Notable runners-up: Kim's catch, Warren Bass's eclectic choice of sledging: "Swinging like a rusty gate!"

Best Innings

1st - Neil Benn v Watwick Castle @ Wandsworth (3)
2nd - Tawhid Qureshi v HMT in the rain (2)
3rd equal – Matt Taylor v Superstars 13 July (1), McB v Weasels (1), Cat v Science Museum (1)

Best Bowling

1st - Simon Cousins v Buckhurst Hill (5) ("scarily accurate")
... and the rest: Bass v Superstars 31 Aug (1), McB v SRA (1), Cooper v Superstars (1)

Best Catch

1st - Matt Taylor getting Godden at Sports Day (4)
2nd - The Cat v MoD (2)
3rd - Alex's mate Johnny v Warwick Castle (1)
Honourable mention: Matt Southwell v Buckhurst Hill in the last game of the season