Dodgers fascinating facts Season 2005

Dodgers' batting performances in the last few games may not quite have dazzled but there has much to enjoy in the season so far. Here are just a few examples.

1. Two of the five highest fourth wicket partnerships to cheer about:

2nd - Harrison / Carr - 76 v Weasels 8 June
5th - Carr / Westhead - 51 v Dealers 12 June

2. Neil Benn took two wickets on Sunday to become the first ever Dodger to take a hundred wickets. But who will be the next to break the magic barrier? Here is the Top 5 All Time Leading Wicket-takers:

1st. Neil Benn (101)
2nd. John Adey (94)
3rd. John Hilary (92)
4th. Phil McBarron (78)
5th. John Cooper (75)

3. Neil Priest passed 4000 runs for Dodgers this season in the match against Audit Commission at Chiswick. Neil's all time batting average is 49.96 although for a fleeting moment during this season it was over 50.

4. The current losing streak of 4 matches is the longest this century but, as McB correctly recalled last night, there was a season when we didn't win a single match!

5. John Cooper has yet to concede any bowling extras this season (in nearly 30 overs) and yet his beard-growing antics earlier in the season almost saw him disqualified from the averages. 'Wearing a beard on the field of play' has been outlawed under the Dodgers Constitution since 1871. The Cat is exempt since he has been playing for more than 50 years. Fortunately for Cooper he shaved off the offending facial hair before the end of the 4-week statute of limitations and so he can play on without fear of punishment. However, a repeat incursion into this shady netherworld may not be looked on so kindly....