Dodgers v Science Museum @ Parsons Green 14 July 2005

Match report by Simon Cousins

Dodgers won the toss (!) and elected to bat

Dodgers returned to winning ways with a comfortable 39 run win against
Science Museum at Parsons Green last night.

Dodgers batted first, and it immediately became clear that the wicket was a minefield. As early as the third over, Harrison was forced to hook a good length ball off his eyebrows. The next ball pitched on the same length and decapitated a number of daisies. Fortunately the Science Museum bowlers failed to make use of the wicket - indeed they often failed to locate the wicket, as the final tally of 42 extras suggests.

However, none of the Dodgers batsmen looked comfortable, only Harrison coming close, using his feet well until he was undone by a vicious leg-cutter. Qureshi played sensibly and timed a couple of shots beautifully off his legs, and McBarron, nurdled well, demonstrating some effective shovel-round-the-corner shots.

A rare moment of excitement came when the Science Museum Star Batsmen disappeared into one of the many outfield potholes, and emerged with a twisted ankle. As supersub Hilary jogged onto the outfield, Qureshi ruefully regaled the opposition with the tale of how supersub Hilary recently cut short one of his more promising innings with a stunning catch. There was clearly static in the air, as within an over the lightening had struck twice, Hilary holding onto a head-high, stinging Qureshi off drive.

Patterson provided some late impetus with hefty agricultural hitting before running himself out off the last ball of the penultimate over. It seemed inexplicable, but apparently he'd heard some of the senior Dodgers players talking about 1919 cricket, and thought we were playing a new form of the limited-overs game.

A target of 142 always looked likely to be too much for Science Museum, and so it proved. Within a few overs the match was effectively over as Cousins took three cheap wickets. The Science Museum middle-order rallied with some impressively powerful straight hitting. But Cooper, after an untidy first over bowled with his customary control, picking up two wickets in the process. In fading light, Dodgers fielding was ragged, though Paterson gave an impressive debut display behind the stumps, including a fine leg-side catch. Maybe soon the selectors will be faced with a difficult choice between the athleticism of the young pretender and the wiles of Matthews. As the match fizzled to its predictable conclusion, there was time for Dunning to bowl two impressive overs, and with the owls starting to hoot, Dodgers emerged victorious.

Dodgers won by 39 runs