Caption Competition

Tawhid Qureshi and Andrew Flintoff - Part 2


Anonymous said…
TQ to Flintoff "Autograph?"
Flintoff "ay lad"
TQ "There you go mate"
Anonymous said…
Flintoff to TQ: Please stop stalking me!
Anonymous said…
TQ: How do you rate that Ian Bell then?

FF: Not as high as you rate your bowling
Anonymous said…
TQ - Any tips mate?

Fred - Yes, I've given you extra stumps to bowl at.
Anonymous said…
TQ: As one top-class all-rounder to another, how do you get so many runs Fred?

FF: Well, I've got more than one shot for starters. And I move my feet.
Anonymous said…
TQ: "I was told you wanted to see me Mr Flintoff"

FF: "That's right, Gary Sobers said he knew of a chap I could hit for seven sixes in one over"