Dodgers v ATOC @ Chiswick

Tuesday 22 August

Innings of Dodgers

Marr retired 25
Dollin b Barkham 23
Sitou retired 25
Westhead b Wright 0
Qureshi not out 22
Mcbarron b Elliott 20
Lee run out 4
Paterson not out 1
sub total 120
Extras 21
Total 141

dnb: Matthews, Fox, Cousins


Elliot 4-0-34-1
Tolley 4-0-19-0
Barkham 4-0-25-1
Wright 4-0-20-1
Gordon 4-0-32-0

Innings of ATOC

Elliott b Cousins 3
Tolley b Paterson 1
Gordon not out 33
Funnel c Dollin b Lee 0
Barkham c Paterson b McB 22
Wright c Matthews b Fox 17
Law b Fox 2
Ong b Fox 0
lloyd c Dollin b McB 17
Barton b Sitou 0
sub total 95
extras 18
Total 113

Dodgers Bowling

Paterson 4-0-38-1
Cousins 4-2-2-1
Lee 4-0-23-1
Fox 4-0-29-3
McB 1.5-0-10-2
Sitou 1-0-7-1

Dodgers won by 28 runs


cerysmatic said…
Man of the Match: Cousins - 6, Sitou - 2, Dollin - 3
cerysmatic said…
Some thoughts from Rod on the match (in the absence of any proper match reports this season!)

We got 141 with Marr getting his 25 and retiring (dropped four times!), Dollin got 20 odd with some good and aggressive square cuts off their "I'm fast, short but I've broken one of your player's arms" bowler, Westhead got a golden, Sitou getting his 25 very comfortably off about 10 balls and with very nice clips of his legs the highlight, McB got 20 odd at least???, TQ got a scratchy 22, Pete got a couple before selflessly running himself out so I faced the last ball and got a single.

In reply, I was pasted to all parts about 1-35 odd, Cousins on the other hand bowled absolutely beautifully 1-2 (I kid you not), Fox went for a few in his first over but came back very well and took 3-not too many including only failing to get a hat-trick when their bat rather fortuitously lamped him for four, Lee took 1-23 and bowled as well as he has all season, Sitou bowled a mixture of stuff but when he got it right could bowl a bit as well and took 1-not too many off 3, McBarron shouldered the responsibility of bowling at the death and after having his first ball hit for six came back very well and took 2 (I think) for maybe 10ish.

They were all out for 120 odd in the last over. MoM Cousins for miserly excellent bowling.

Good game, and Spurs and QPR won... happy days!