Player Profile - Chris Jacobs

Chris did not play for Dodgers last season due to a change in job and locations but the door is always open for a return.

Occasionally, as WebChief I receive emails from people asking whether or not we have any really good photos of people getting comprehensively bowled. Fortunately such a photo does exist (see below) and lo and behold it features Mr Jacobs. Somewhat illogically this display of batting skill actually formed the basis of our recruitment campaign for several years!



 M   I NO    R   Avg 50 100  HS  C St
34  33  2  301  9.71  0   0  37  4  0


 M      O   R  W    Avg     SR  Econ  Best
34  12.67  88  2  44.00  38.01  6.95  1-22

Chris Jacobs