Dodgers Player Profiles - Matt Leach

Website founder/guru Matt is another member of Dodgers' Tyke Triangle and the side's lone regular spinner. Not that he turns it much, mind. His idea of a leg trap is deep fine leg, deep backward square leg, deep mid-wicket etc, all of whom ought to wear helmets, and some deliveries are so high they interfere with the radar at Heathrow.

An improving batsman and fielder (with plenty of scope to do so), he represents the Senior Civil Service in the squad, though is quite human despite that.

Domestic duties mean that Matt hasn't played since 2004 which was good news for us but bad news for our opponents who relished his slow non-spinning spin bowling.

Matt supports Leeds United and likes real ale so he's OK with me.



O   R   W   Econ  Avg  SR
10  90  1  9.0  90.0  60.0