2006 AGM and Social Report

What we lacked in official documentation we made up for in healthy
discussion and (not-so-healthy) amounts of drinking at the 2006 Dodgers
AGM and Social in the splendid surroundings of The Wenlock Arms, N1,
last Wednesday. Yes, we may not have had any minutes or accounts but
there was plenty to talk about. There will hopefully be minutes of this
occasion thanks to incoming Secretary Rob Fox but it's worth noting this
apppointment and that of Peter Lee who was elected as Committee Member
Without Portfolio.

The Dodgers Awards were dominated by there a) not being any awards and
b) no-one to present the awards we did have to! The final reckoning

Best Fielder: Rob Fox
Most Improved Player: Tawhid Qureshi (who also won an additional award
'Worst Secretary In The History of Dodgers')
Best Batsman: Russell Marr
Best Bowler: John Hilary
Player of the Season: John Cooper