Dodgers v LCD (Allcomers)

23 AUGUST 2000

Result: Dodgers won by 77 runs. Start: 6.05 pm Finish: too dark to read a watch

Dodgers Man of the Match: Not voted.

A lovely warm sunny day augured well for the coming match against LCD and another opportunity for Dodgers to knock up an impressive victory, but being LCD it was not to be. "We've definitely got six" in the morning proved to be four by the time we got to Chiswick. With Superstars' Whitrod along to help with numbers it should have been ten a side and a proper game but, with McBarron preferring the company of an Israeli at Heathrow, we were down to eight a side. So for the record the game does not count towards averages this season - a pity for some of us as it happens.

With both sides in the bar by 5.25pm, it looked like an early start would mean we could get through the full 40 overs but this proved not to be. With the impending early gloom and a start still after 6.00pm, the decision was taken to bowl the full 20 overs each, an ambitious target even if Paterson could turn round his overs quickly. But as you will see, we did get a result, even if it was is the dark.

To even the sides to eight each, Dodgers Benn, Cooper and Samuels joined LCD (thanks guys). Dodgers batted and with McBarron at the stumps with Doyle as umpire Bultitude and Priest opened the batting. Needless to say, Bultitude, with plenty of gaps in the field, managed to mix boundaries with making Whitrod earn his keep on the mid-on boundary. With a dry hard pitch there was little movement and runs proved easy to come by with Benn going for 14 off his first over and 40 were scored off the first three overs. With Priest playing and missing outside off stump, Bultitude was first to reach 50 at which point he was retired by Captain Carr. Bultitude's departure did at least mean that Whitrod did not have to do so much running around - a pity! Priest was joined at the crease by Crawford, getting an early bat by pleading injury and not being fit to bowl. Both moved the total on quickly until Priest also retired after reaching his 50. Carr was next in, but runs were not as easy to come by and a 200 run total started to look out of reach. Carr was soon bowled for 14, followed by Crawford for 30, including a satisfying big six off Benn. Adey joined Brown and his first ball was run as an easy one, then got a five with four overthrows, an all too common occurrence on a fast outfield. Having survived an appeal for getting his body in way of the ball (see below) he was then run out going for a dodgy second with one ball left. Cursing his luck, Matthews strode forward to the crease, only to be run out himself. Brown remained not out at the other end having scored four. Of the bowlers, on Mathura produced respectable figures, going for 13 off his four overs. Honorary LCD'ers Benn, Cooper and Samuels all suffered at the hands of the batsmen.

A total of 184 looked gettable under normal conditions, but with the light fading it always looked an uphill struggle and the only result likely was if Dodgers could bowl out the opposition. With Paterson and Adey opening the bowling, LCD managed 15 off the first two overs including a five (four overthrows again) off a decidedly pissed off Adey, before losing Wittekind clean bowled by Paterson. In came class batsman Mathura who moved the score on quickly. Adey was clearly out of luck as Priest dropped him on the boundary, with the ball going for four, and then hit for six next ball. But then came the hand (or at least finger) of Doyle. A full toss from Paterson being given out LBW. This turned the game, with Bultitude coming on to take three wickets including Whitrod caught by Priest to make up for his earlier drop. Logan, Benn and Samuels kept the score moving in the descending gloom but following the departure of Mathura the Dodgers total never looked in doubt. Just in time before it became unplayable Samuels was superbly run out by a direct hit from Brown to give Dodgers a deserved victory.

Thanks again to Benn, Cooper, Samuels and Whitrod for helping make up the numbers for the opposition and to our supporters – Judith Brierley (who also scored) and guest and John Doyle (who also umpired).

Quote of the week: (Anon.)

When the ball hit Adey on the backside stopping him being run out, "If it had lodged he could have run again".

Dodgers Innings

Bultitude Retired 50
Priest Retired 50
Crawford b Philips 30
Carr b Benn 14
Brown Not Out 4
Adey Run Out 8
Matthews Run Out 0
Extras 28
Total 184 for 4

Did not bat: Paterson

Os M R W
Phillips 4 0 44 1
Benn 4 0 31 1
Mathura 4 1 13 0
Samuels 3 0 38 0
Whittekind 3 0 24 0
Cooper 2 0 18 0

LCD Innings

Whittekind b Paterson 12
Logan b Bultitude 18
Mathura L.B.W. b Paterson 31
Whitrod c Priest b Bultitude 9
Cooper Run Out 4
Phillips b Bultitude 0
Benn Not Out 14
Samuels Run Out 9
Extras 10
Total 107 All Out

Paterson 4 0 21 2
Adey 4 0 44 0
Bultitude 3.3 0 15 3
Priest 2 0 16 0
Brown 1 0 10 0