Dodgers v Energy Exiles

40 overs
Weather: dry and sunny

Dodgers 64 all out, 34.2 overs (Dollin 24) lost to Energy Exiles 65-5 (Paterson 8-5-15-3) off 25.2 overs

Man of the Match: Paterson (8), Dollin (1)

Match Report by John Cooper

First-time stand-in captain Simon Cousins won the toss and elected to bat on a sunny late August afternoon at Chiswick. Simon's decision was undoubtedly influenced by the Dodgers only having 8 players at the start of play (later swelled to a massive nine by the arrival of Rod Paterson following his Steve McQueen-like escape from Stalag Luft GMH).

Opener McBarron got a 10-ball duck despite hitting ("obviously not very well" - McB) every ball, the tenth one being hit firmly to Palao at gully. Number 3 Chris Jacobs failed to get off the mark too and Dodgers were struggling on 9-2 after 3.3 overs.

Mike Dollin brought some order to the top of the card, dominating a partnership of 24 with the equally resolute David Lowe before succumbing (again) to a wicked ball from Exiles' first-change bowler Gundry (yes, that one). The slow rate of scoring was not helped by the rough outfield which was clearly being prepared with the rugby season in mind. A total of six boundaries were scored in sixty overs of cricket.

The Cat made an entertaining 10 but the Dodgers tail was wrapped up fairly quickly. Simon Cousins was allowed to bat on once Cooper had gone for an all-too-brief 5 but the innings closed on only 64 off 34 overs.

Dodgers took to the field early during the change of innings for some bowling and fielding practice. Whether this pysched out the opposition will never be known but when Paterson came charging in and let rip his first ball the batsman seemed quite stunned to be clean bowled. Rod let out an almighty roar and went off nearly halfway to the boundary in celebration. Shortly after, the Cat took a great catch for Rod to remove the other opener for 1.

More tight bowling from John Hilary, Simon Cousins and John Cooper kept the scoring rate down but even a rate of just over 1.5 was going to win it for Exiles, so wickets were needed. JH and Cat combined to get one and then an optimistic chase for two runs resulted in Palao being run out by a Hilary/Cousins combo. Quite how the umpire could be absolutely certain from where he was standing (i.e. where he was when the ball was delivered) is anyone's guess. When he turned down another seemingly just-as-good run out appeal from the same position a few overs later a few more eyebrows were raised.

Paterson returned for a second spell and his tight, attacking bowling was rewarded when Mike Dollin took a splendid catch running to his left at mid wicket to remove number 3 Tither for a top-scoring 34.

Gundry and Scott (W) saw Exiles over the finishing line despite further tight bowling. A total of ten maidens by Dodgers bowlers is something that isn't often seen on the scorecard.


Rod Paterson (8 votes) was Man of the Match for his aggressive bowling and celebrating.


Innings of Dodgers
McBarron c Palao b Patel 0 (5m, 10b)
Dollin b Gundry 24 (55m, 41b)
Jacobs b Patel 0 (7m, 4b)
Lowe b Tither 14 (62m, 50b)
Hilary (J) c ? b Gundry 1 (13m, 8b)
Paterson c ? b Palao 2 (22m, 16b)
Matthews+ c Palao b Thomas 10 (35m, 26b)
Cousins* c & b Roberts 3 (26m, 22b)
Cooper b Scott 5 (4m, 6b)
Sub-total 59
Extras 5
Total 64
1-1 (McBarron 0, 14:33, 1.5 ovs)
2-9 (Jacobs 0, 14:41, 3.3 ovs)
3-33 (Dollin 24, 15:23, 14.6 ovs)
4-39 (Hilary (J) 1, 15:37, 18.3 ovs)
5-42 (Lowe 14, 15:43, 19.4 ovs)
6-47 (Paterson 2, 16:02, 25.1 ovs)
7-59 (Matthews 10, 16:19, 32.2 ovs)
8-64 (Cooper 5, 16:25, 33.4 ovs)
9-64 (Cousins 3, 16:27, 34.1 ovs)
Bowling of Energy Exiles
Wingfield 5-1-12-0
Patel 6-1-12-2
Gundry 5-0-8-2
Tither 4-1-7-1
Palao 4-3-1-0
Thomas 6-1-15-2
Scott 3-0-5-1
Roberts 0.1-0-0-1
Innings of Energy Exiles
Roberts b Paterson 0 (1b, 1m)
Bradshaw c Matthews b Paterson 1
Tither c Dollin b Paterson 34
Palao run out (Cousins) 1
Scott (S) c Matthews b Hilary (J) 0
Scott (W) not out 12
Gundry not out 11
Sub-total 59
Extras 6
Total (for 5 wickets in 25.2 ovs) 65
Bowling of Energy Exiles
Paterson 8-4-15-3
Lowe 2-0-14-0
Hilary (J) 6-2-15-1
Cousins 6.2-3-17-0
Cooper 3-1-4-0
Umpires: Cousins, Hilary (J), Paterson,
McBarron, Jacobs, Dollin, Lowe
Scorer: Cooper, Dollin, Hilary (J)